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Malassezia Dying Off


       From time to time i do experience the  “Dying Off” Symptom 

                   but as an onset of a Group of Symptoms

                            rather than a generalised one.


      Most or all of those Symptoms usually occur Simultaneously.


– Intense ripples of Shivering all over the Body

  (not caused by fever or external temperature)                                                            

– Sudden outbreak of Catarrh

– Runny eyes

– Feeling as if my Blood is Poisoned

– General feeling of Illness like Flu or Cold

– Nausea


During those times it feels like a sudden outbreak or re-contamination                      

has taken place and those symptoms are the reaction of the Body’ s                          

    defence mechanism rather than Malassezia itself “dying off “.


I know when diyng–on an external part of the Body– it releases some evil stuff

but i have not discovered or isolated any item or group of , that may cause

Malassezia to die Internally and consequently producing those symptoms.


The fact also that during the onset of those symptoms i get to experience

increased activity confirms the fact that it is not  Malassezia dying 

but rather … growing instead – triggering the Body’s responses.                                                 

Malassezia and immunity                 

Additionally, in most occurrences i can trace it back

to coming in contact or handling something that has potentially

been carrying something ‘still able’to jump to life.            

The onset of symptoms can start as soon as an hour or so after contact

or a full day later and i am guessing that it is due to how long it has taken

for the ‘invader’ from a dormant state to start spreading and affecting the Body…


It has also happened -but more rarely- as if it all appeared out of the Blue

and have been unable to trace it back to anything i have touched or used etc.

I have never been able to connect it with any Internal or External treatment

as i have never used any Internal -except once-*1 and the External whether

Chemical as used way back or Natural  as during the past couple of years

have been Topical only and rather impossible to affect such massive response.


Usually when a ‘Die off’ syndrome occurs and cannot trace it back  

to some potential source of re-contamination, i try to determine  

whether there may have been a different type of exposure, such as

a mild cold or virus etc, which in turn by occupying my immune system

and weakening temporarily its defences is providing Malassezia

with a free, more favourable environment to proliferate uninhibited

                     -but never appears to be the case.

Therefore I am convinced that in My personal case and experience                      

 the “Dying off” Symptoms are not an indication of Malassezia itself

    Dying but rather my Body’s immune response to an outbreak.                                               

Malassezia and Inflammation R       

                                  Now one may ask:

      “ How can you tell the Dying off Symptoms are definitely due 

      to a Malassezia outbreak and not to a Flu virus or mild Cold? ”  

It would be a valid question and the lines of differentiation can often be too thin!

For example, if i had a Cold i would most likely experience

most of the symptoms as well as an increased Malassezia activity…



Time after time i have noticed that there are certain things that Thankfully

       though they never get to kill or even make a dint to Malassezia

   they severely inhibit its activity often bringing it down to an abrupt halt.          

              Another extraordinary thing is that Malassezia knows

           i am coming down with a Cold or Flu or severe Bleeding               

      about a day or two before i do and i am … the last one to know…

             therefore if the symptoms were due to a Cold or Flu 

       i would be experiencing a … suspicious slow down of activity.                   

Additionally, one of the symptoms specifically has never, in my case

been part of a Flu or Cold – and that is the ‘Poisoned Blood’ Feeling

which i am sure it is not a ‘feeling’ but either my Body’s Fighting

chemicals or Malassezia release of its own which cause

localised  inflammation as well as immune system stimulation  

                       – or possibly a cocktail of Both!

      Fortunately the Symptoms never last for more than 2-3 days

     and with Daily Maintenance, activity falls back to normal levels

                             and all symptoms disappear.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               *

*1  Refers to Internal Prescription Medication

     I had tried several internal treatments listed in 

Malassezia Yeast: Complete List & Results of Substances & Methods Tested



             It appears that some of an Outbreak  Symptoms

                    are also  experienced during a Die Off.

I have also come to identify one which is characteristically different

                    when an Outbreak  than a Die Off.

    A rather Peculiar very Strong Taste and Smell in  my mouth

    which is simultaneously Sour and Bitter during an Outbreak

        but Awful like Sewerage or Dead Blood when a Die Off.

           The Sourly-Bitter one  is frequently faintly present

                but Overpoweringly Strong during Outbreak.    




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