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Malassezia ~ Its Double Role in Immunity




                                Malassezia in Lab

     *Malassezia ~ Its Double Role in Immunity*


      I was Lucky to stumble upon these two photos below some time back

                        somewhere … but don’t remember where…

                             I think the content is very Impressive!

Macrophage 1

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

  I absolutely agree, much prettier than i would have thought too!

         I d like to give it a pat on its head or paws! Lol!  🙂


  These Macrophage guys/gals … are our Immune System Defenders

                   against Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses 

Macrophage 2

The reason i am posting these photos here is because

there is a Relationship between them and Malassezia

as will be seen below in a Document referring to Both.


    This is only a small part of it

                                     (Link for full article provided below)


(As i Understand it) It is all ”Research Studies” at this stage

         with Potential Beneficial Applications in some Future

        -if proved viable and eventually applicable to humans…


I have Highlighted in Red the points of attention


( Acting like Immunisation Injection? )     

   * Injection of Malassezia resulted in increased numbers 

     and bactericidal activity of intraperitoneal macrophages,


  Intraperitoneal Organs 

     Stomach – Liver – Pancreas (part) – Duodenum (part) – Spleen 

          Small Intestines – Transverse Colon – Sigmoid Colon 

                                 Rectum (part) – Appendix 

           And In Women: Uterus – Fallopian Tubes – Ovaries    



                                    And here is how

                          Noting the very careful ‘Wording’


   1– “possible reason” – 2– “suggested3– “may be” – 

                      4– “understanding how

          indicating ‘Not absolute certainty or proof



                                                       ( Click on Photos to Enlarge )


PT 3-2 :the lipids associated with the cell wall of Malassezia’ 

                                   may be referring to

PT 3-1 : ‘the production of azelaic acid by Malassezia’ 

PT 3-3:“unlikely to come into contact with professional phagocytic cells

My Q: I wonder if this statement is derived from laboratory test observations 

     or an assumption of Malassezia being only a skin deep presence

     that is not usually found in the organs and or places

     where  ‘intraperitoneal macrophages’ operate.

    If it is the latter i could write a few pages – in fact i have already done!

    regarding what appears to me to be debatable

    -at least from my angle of personal experience 


* If Ejaculate can go up from the Vagina – into the Uterus

  so can highly mobile Malassezia – up to Falollpian tubes and Ovaries 

* If Urine can run down from the Kidneys to the Bladder and Urethra

  so can Malassezia travel upwards to the Kidneys (urine does not kill it!)

* If it can go from the Scalp to the Face – and into Eyes and Nasal cavities

  it can also go down to the Oesophagus and into the Lungs – and so on …

                I dont know about the Stomach, Liver or Spleen

 -despite having periodically experienced indicative symptoms of possible

  invasion, though assumption is that stomach juices would kill it

  -and perhaps they do…or they Dont!…if the Digestives are sluggish etc-

  but i will not venture to where i have not had adequte indications of proof.


PT 3-4 Q: Now who is going to tell Malassezia that it is meant to be

                       a Commensal  rather than a Pathogen    

                       and stop causing havoc on our bodies?…


             I often wonder what was it the Antibiotics and X-Rays

        destroyed in my Body that caused Malassezia to transition

                            from Commensal to Pathogen,

(since the trouble began at the commencement of these Treatments)


Equally so, i wonder if there are any causes

           other than those similar to mine

that  trigger the same change in other people.


  I have tried conducting a Poll to see if i could gather any indications

  and proceed to targeted research and possible helpful implementation

             of measures towards boosting the afflicted areas

                  but participation has been rather appalling

              it seems no one wants to bother and all is the pity

        because the Doctors do not appear to want to bother either

     so we are left on our own… and the only ones with the incentive

                to want to Bother – if only for our Own Benefit!…

Unfortunately it is hard to find out and alone there is only that much i can do. 


    (Perhaps  Visiting the Site on iPhones, some iPads or through RSS Subscription 

             many people are not able to load and view each Page on its entirety

                 therefore missing some of the contents without being aware.)



There is a lot of Medical jargon hard to understand and nothing much

that Malassezia aflicted people can apply and benefit from in practical terms 

but worth going through it as it contains valuable well-presented information.

I have read this document several times so far and intend to do so again

as each time something stands up and appears a bit clearer than previously.

                                                          * * *

                   Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150




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