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Malassezia~ ‘Qs & As’– Funny & Serious (PT2/1)




         To Read First (PT1): 

           ‘The Funny Side’  


    Funny and Serious… (PT2/1)


~The Serious Side~  (PT1)

    Malassezia the Serious side MD                            


       Most of the Issues Below i have already addressed

                in several Entries in Both Blog sites

      so here i will revise, modify or add anything recent 


                       K1: * malassezia worms *

 Malassezia ... worm

  Poor Worm was offended about Malassezia association 🙂

                     Malassezia is Not a Worm…

                          It is Fungus and Yeast.                                                                                     

                I can see though how one can confuse

       the slithering sensation in the Private areas as Worms.

             I too checked, researched -and even treated-

                            that possibility initially.


                     K2: * malassezia feet *                                              

                     K3:yeast malassexia toes *

  Malassezia Healed Toe MD


                 This area is currently problem Free

                     -but not Yeast traffic Free-

                with Full length healthy Toe Nails

             having survived several brutal attacks

                     for over more than a decade 

            and frequently repeated recent attempts *

                              Failed attempts

          due to a diligent Daily Routine Maintenance.


      * Weak broken whitish lines across the top part of the Nail

             just below the edge, indicate some minor damage

                    inflicted during those failed attacks.


                In the Morning a thorough Rub with Sea water

                 and at Bed time a wrap with Acidophilus Mix.

                  During the Day whenever i am sitting

               i endeavour to have them parallel to the ground

                  by raising the foot rest of my Recliner chair

                  to avoid any swelling and inflammation

                          that can attract Malassezia.                                                                       

                    Details of Routine daily Maintenance

                   and Dealing with Past attack situations

                   can be found in several Earlier Entries.    


                     K4:* malassezia fungus baby *

    M Baby MD

                 There is nothing more heart breaking

                        than having a poor little Baby

                         suffering a Yeast  infection.

              Yet, Nature has its own plans and purposes.

                 All Babies arrive from within a Uterus 

             either via a Vagina or by Caesarian Section

         Rich in Pregnancy Hormones, Blood, Nutrients, etc 

                         and many as a result are born

                with what is commonly known as cradle cap

                but it is Not only on the head that is affected

             in some cases it is also the face, mouth, torso etc.

                      A quick Search in Google Images

                            illustrates the situation

    Baby Cradle Cap MD

                 Fortunately most goes away as Baby’s

                  immune system starts to develop.


          I was lucky not to be challenged by such a problem

                      with either of my two girls

             but IF i were faced with the problem nowadays

               and with all the knowledge i have gathered

            i would have written a list of Do’s and Don’t’s.

                                        Such as

                          Baby Yeast Infection Avoid.MD

                 Despite heavy advertisement brain wash

                                I would Not use

                * Any Baby Creams, Lotions, OILS

                * Any Perfumed or Oil containing Talcum Powder

                * Any ‘Off the Shelf’ Medicated Yeast Infection Treatment

                * Any Synthetic Clothing on affected area/s


Baby Yeast Infection To Do.MD

               * Keep vulnerable skin areas always  Clean and Dry  

               * Wash area/s – Only with Warm Water and gentle cloth

               * Dry well

               * Apply Acidophilus Mix Twice Daily ( adjust if necessary)

                      (1 Capsule in 4-5 Tbs warm water)

 Acidophilus Baby

        Acidophilus Baby 1

                       Not a Brand recommendation – just an idea what is available

     (Keeping in mind there are always other ingredients contained but not listed)


                           Other Probiotic Ingredients: *

              Inulin – Polydextrose, maltodextrin, sugar, phytates,

        preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, wheat, gluten.


              ( The above reflect only my personal opinion

              and what i would trial if faced with the challenge ) 

* Probiotic warning :  Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)


                                    (Part 2 to follow)


      * Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150 *   


                         *  Malassezia Blogs  *

                                       Malassezia Blog WP

                            Deals with history of Treatments 

                               Outcomes and Experiences 

                             from Beginning to Recent times  

                                  –>  * Malassezia Blog *  


                                           Malassezia Daily WP.

                    Confirming and/or Updating past Topics 


                       Recent Developments and Progress

                             New Discoveries and Photos 


                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

                                 –>  * Malassezia Daily *



  DC3 MD              

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