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Malassezia Hyphae under Digital Microscope? – QA



  Malassezia Q & A s

          Q1:  * can i see hyphae on my skin with a digi *

                            (digi-tal microscope?)

   Malassezia Coloured Hyphae

   A:  I believe they are visible but not like the ones above

        seen under Biological Microscope – of greater magnification.


 I thought i could see them myself – looking like fibres

and moving as if in a light breeze but i could not tell for sure

if they were hyphae because the viewing quality

of the Digital Microscope is quite different than the Biological one.

Everything appears in a more ‘liquid’ – ‘fluidic’ – ‘reflective’- ‘liqht like’

  quality as against the static one of the BM-

 and they could have as well been just dust, tiny fabric or hair fibres

 usually hovering in the air and  invisible to the naked eye.


I like to believe i saw them – and on several occasions

because they had a similar look in miniature

to those seen under B Microscope. 

Incidentally, some times even under BM some Hyphae

seemed to perform a brief movement – as if stirred by light breeze

often checking to see if any coming from the window

or perhaps my breath as leaning  close to the sample

– but seemed really impossible.


With the Digital Microscope we were better able to see

the look of Lesions and Bumps magnified,  in areas where

direct eye contact was difficult, such as inner /outer buttocks

labia majoras and surrounding area or the back of ears, scalp etc.

and even better to observe Malassezia behaviour

on accessible areas but invisible to the eye due to size and colour

such as directly on our fingertips and eyelashes

Malassezia  In Eye and Fingertip MD

Also the condition of our seemingly perfect looking fingernails…

                        (photo by iphone below)

   Healthy looking Nails MD

and shocking revelation of reality against appearance!

                     (Viewed under Digital Microscope)  

Malassezia and Nails4 MB

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