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   29 Dec 13

My Sincere Apologies to the few who have made the effort

              to Participate in the Poll in the Entry:

      – Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(9)

 Being unfamiliar with the site i noticed a couple of things

    about the way the Voting Results were presented:


1) The Questions do not remain in an orderly relevant order

     but get scrambled up according to the number of votes.

     Nothing much to be done about this but not important


2) There is No Clear Indication as to How many people

     with Malassezia had symptoms appearing After Medications

     or How many with Morgellons, Demodex or Other (Scabies, Lice etc)

     or How many in Each category are Currently on Antibiotics and so on.


I realise this was due to grouping them together.


My Intention had been to create a special POLLS Category

but due to Sparse Participation and a previously highly disappointing

observation of either total disinterest and / or reluctance to vote

i tried this time a) to make it more Convenient for the Reader

and b) wait for better signs of Interest and Participation.


Of course the Bundled up results make the Poll useless

therefore in order for All of us to have a Clearer View and Derived Benefit

from this effort i decided to Separate the Groups

and attempting the Creation of an All New POLLS Category 

so that Each Individual can fill the questionnaire

that applies to their particular case

and Observe what parts are common and shared with others.


My Many Thanks to those who have already Voted

                  And Welcome to Vote again!

    and Those who might be prepared to do so!


     In Return and for the Benefit of All Readers

         I have deliberately chosen the Option

      of Allowing the Viewing of Voting Results

           in Each Category as will be added

          * * *

Your Participation will be Appreciated 

Polls are Totally Anonymous, Quick and Easy

 and Help my Research and more Targeted Contributions


   Voting Participation Indicates People’s Interest

      and gives me Incentive to continue Sharing


You may check the Results and Compare with other Individuals’ Experiences

 * * *

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