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Malassezia – Can it Cause Back Pain? QA



Malassezia Q & A s


*Q *can malassezia yeast cause joint and back pain in humans?**

Malassezia -Back pain


Back Pain can be caused by a number of things, many  unrelated to Malassezia.

As a general rule anything that can affect Spine, Pelvis and Kidneys can result

causing Pain, Nerve Pressure and Inflammation on Joints and Back or Both.


Some but not all of these potential sources of trouble are:


* Loss of Calcium or other Minerals from the Spine or Pelvic area

* Kidney Irritation – Inflammation – Infection – Fluid Retention


Some Items or Actions that Can affect Kidneys Adversely are:

    Kidney Bladder

* Standing up for long periods of time

* Lifting heavy weights

* Drinking or Eating freaking Cold Items of low 4-6 C while the natural

  internal temperature of kidneys is a perpetual 36C

  (not  adequate warming up time in the stomach)

* Alcohol, Coffee, Tea

* Soda, Salt, Pepper, Vinegar, Spices, Sauces, Preservatives, Proteins

* Fats and Oils, especially Fried or Roasted

* Foods or substances Inhibiting Calcium absorption

* Inadequate Intake of Fluids

* Medications Over the Counter such as Pain Killers

  to more serious Prescription ones such as Antibiotics

* Some of the Preservatives, Binders and Fillers in Capsules and Tablets

  of both Vitamin / Mineral ones or General Medications.

* Some Kidneys cannot tolerate Certain Minerals despite being useful or needed

   as the very Calcium itself,  Iron, Potassium, Magnesium etc

   despite Companies trying to promote mega doses as more beneficial.

And i m sure many more causes that do not come immediately to mind.


Most people give No second thoughts about consuming or doing some

of those things – often a number of them at a time- considering back pain

as an isolated, unrelated, independent event.


I am No qualified physician – only completed a Naturopathic Course privately

many years back without pursuing a Certificate  – but i do have a lifelong

experience with sensitive temperamental kidneys  which i regretfully owe 

to my Father -and as a consequence my early childhood exposure- to his

obsession with heavily Salted, Spiced and swimming in Oil and Sauce, Foods…


Dark Circles and/or Puffy Eye Pockets are unfailing Indicators of Kidney Trouble!

Many people have either or both for such a long time they eventually settle

in considering them as part of their features but no one is born with Puffy eyes 

and especially nor Dark circles, these signs are not to be confused as similar

or part to ageing and wrinkles! Lol!


Once these highly possible causes are tested and safely ruled out

– something hard to arrive with certainty as they need methodical testing-

then the possibility of Malassezia as a cause direct or indirect

can enter in the field of speculation. 


Internally there have been times i have traced Malassezia’ s presence

and activity in the Uterus and Ovaries, Intestinal Canal

from the outer Anal area and as far as the entire Colon

right to the small Intestines, Lungs and occasionally for a short time in the Throat.

There have been instances when specific type of burning in the Kidneys 

made me suspicious of Malassezia but have never been able to verify

if it was true*

Logically it can go anywhere as there is nothing to stop it but i believe it would be

a very slim chance and only accidentally or for a short period of time

as it can find many needed elements elsewhere.

If there is long term or frequent Kidney Pain i would Look more into other causes

as mentioned above -many that medical tests cannot pick up- or any medications

taken regularly, or medicated preparations used or taken to treat Malassezia

remembering that even substances applied on the skin can be absorbed

and everything is processed by the kidneys, let alone the ones taken

orally / internally.


The best way is to keep a daily diary of all consumed throughout the day

and start eliminating an item or two for a few days to a week, etc.

and keep notes of indications preferably not adding any back until all tested. 


I guess many people would consider this a tedious time consuming task

despite its possibility to liberate them from pain and possibly long term damage

but i have done so on the logic that if i can devote time to watch TV

or read a fictional novel  i cannot justifiably claim i have no time to get to know

my body’s pains and grievances inflicted either neglectfully or inadvertently. 


   * Dec 13 note:

A recent incident has provide me with more reasons to believe

that at least this time Kidney Pains were caused by Malassezia.

Details soon in upcoming entry.

                          Relevant Entry: Healthy Diets Good Kidneys


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Malassezia Black Specks QA



  Malassezia Q & A s

Q: * does malassezia cause black specks  *

K:  * pin prick skin lesions *


A   Assuming we are talking about the same Black Specks :


In one of my Entries in the * Malassezia Blog * i have mentioned

about the presence of Black Specks and a simple experiment i did

to determine if they were as i had suspected Malassezia Spores

impregnated with Blood – mostly dead blood at that stage.


The Black Specks ( Maroon when looked under microscope )

are dead blood at an initial entry pint or attachment of

a) Early stage spores adhering to the skin and drawing Blood, and

b) Entry points into the skin while ‘digging and burrowing’

     under the surface augmenting and creating Bumps

     that turn to lesions as shown in photo below.


Malassezia  Bumps 2 MB


Fortunately, not all of them complete the cycle, some remaining

just dead Black Specks some creating Bumps

that may be absorbed by the body

while some develop into Lesions lasting for several weeks

as photo shown below

Malassezia  Bumps1 MB

 Often if picked they start to bleed which i believe is an indication

they are still active and on the job.


Above i have included the Keyword * pin prick skin lesions *

used by a different Reader because the small Black Specks

start with a strong Pin Prick feeling in different parts of the Body

some without creating or leaving behind Black Specks

in areas such as the Soft part of Toes,Torso or Pelvic and Buttock area

–perhaps but not for sure- non greasy fleshy areas

with near the surface easy to get to Blood Supply …


(Possibly a variation of Behaviour and or Requirements

due to different species of the genus of Malassezia … )


The Test to determine if the Black Specks are Malassezia

is to collect and place in a little water  to soak.

If they swell and turn to bright blood red

they are most likely Malassezia specks.


For Additional Info and Details on Treatments and Methods see:

* Malassezia Blog *


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Malassezia and Peroxide QA



                                            Malassezia Q & A s

Q: * does hydroxygen peroxide kill malezezzia*

Peroxide and Malassezia


A: (I assume *hydroxygen* is a typo for Hydrogen )


           The Answer is YES and … NO!….


In my Experience of Repeated Treatments of different areas

it Kills Malassezia slowly but effectively 

if Peroxide is applied Directly and Undiluted

on an area where Malassezia is Present

but – with Varying Degrees of Pain, Discomfort and Mess.


In the earlier stage of Malassezia’ s development

HP causes very strong Uncomfortably Painful tingling 

for a good 20-30 minutes before it eventually kills

but with no other side effects


In a more advanced stage, when Malassezia is closer to digging into the skin

it causes much greater, almost unbearable Pain and Discomfort

-much like having surgery without anaesthetic-

due to the releasing at once of its corrosive to the skin element

leaving behind a big Painful mess of either Burst Blistered Bubbles

or Open Stinging Lesions that take quite some time to heal.


HP used in the Bath tab – bottles of it for several weeks –

have had No effect whatsoever.


I cannot verify if it kills Malassezia at the Spore stage.

It appears to cause No Pain but it is also hard to tell generally

where the spores are located so i am only talking about having used it

on my scalp where they were sure to be, as i was losing my hair in clumps

and there was no pain but unable to tell if it was effective

other than giving me …blond hair…


One of the reasons it was difficult to determine its effectiveness on the scalp

was that back then when i first used the Peroxide

i had so much Malassezia traffic all Over my Entire body

that anything killed in one area was replaced within a very short time

with a new batch, often within half hour or so.


Another reason was that i used it slightly Diluted for safety

and /or in Combination with Shampoo.

See also :  Peroxide D     //   Malassezia and H/Peroxide QA


Malassezia Peroxide 1 MD





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