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Malassezia ‘New Discoveries–Photos’ Series 2- (PT2)



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*Malassezia ‘New Discoveries–Photos’ Follow Up (PT2)*

 “Microscope Samples – A Few Weeks Later” 


     PART 2

    ‘Dry Orange Scrapings Under Microscope

         Malassezia Orange Rim


    When the ‘Does Yellow/Orange/Green-turns Gray when dead’ experiment

     was completed, i emptied the water and was about to discard the Container

Then i thought:    ‘Why not let it Dry out and see what happens

a) With the Colour when there has been No water in it, and

b) Look at it under the Microscopes to see if there is anything in it.’


      During the Experiment while there was frequently water in the container

the Colour remained Orange and bright with only a slight hue of dullness

 Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(7)

Malassezia Orange

           So i let it Dry out for a couple of weeks and on the 7/12/13

I took some scrapings and checked them under the Digital Microscope.

Malassezia Dried out Scrapings1 MD

Close Up shows large Gray parts with some Orange highlights remaining            Malassezia Scrapings Zoomed 1 MD

On the Left bottom side i thought i detected a Circular ‘Beady’ shape

               of ‘Cloning sisters’  but was not absolutely sure 

Malassezia Beaded Filament in Scrapings 1 MDMalassezia Beaded Filament in Scrapings 2 MD

Below the Circular shape zoomed in

and more ‘Beady Clones’/Spores scattered throughout

Malassezia Spore- Beaded Filament in Scrapings 3 MD

(Click on any photo to see it enlarged – then click ‘back’)

Below Comparison with the ‘evil Eyelets’ on ear sample

Malassezia eyelets 1-1

                             as in  Malassezia~New Discoveries-PhotosConfirmations(3)


 Below are the above scrapings viewed under Biological Microscope

                               also Confirming the ‘Beady Clones’

Malassezia Spore- Beaded Filaments 3 MD

                           A good question here –hard one to answer– is:

                                  How long could the ‘Beady Clones’

                          be potentially ‘Active’ under Dry Conditions?



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