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Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT3)

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Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT1)

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Warning MD



Malassezia Maintenance


  * Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT3)*                            


*Topical External Care*    


     I have written Extensively about External Care in several Entries

   and more Specifically and Detailed in the *Malassezia Blog* Entry:

             Malassezia Yeast: ( Before – Now) – How (2)

Therefore here i will only cover areas where some recent changes

   of additions and/or alternative methods have taken place.


  Head and Scalp

Malassezia Scalp

The Best Results i have ever achieved are described in the Entry:  

                                “ Malassezia: Hair and Scalp Treatment ”


 Eyes and Eyelash Beds

Malassezia Eyelashes

 I Wash with warm water and Face Cloth and Dry well.

Then i Apply Aloe Vera Juice during the Day

and Seawater Eye Patch on Each Eye during the Night



    Malassezia Ears

I Clean well with Cotton Tip Morning and Night and Cover with Shampoo

      during Bath time then Dry with Cotton Tip when i finish.

During the Day and especially Overnight if i feel Malassezia Presence

  i use a dropper to fill each Ear with Acidophilus diluted in water

      and seal with a small piece of cotton wool to keep it in.



    Malassezia Face

Never had too much trouble with the Face, ironically my most Oily area.

I can often feel its presence, or some crawling or scrape some dried blobs.

When i clean it with Warm Water -or as some time back with YAM

on a Cotton Bud- it comes up very Yellow/Orange

obviously Malassezia layer spread all over but rarely any sores.

I have noticed when standing too close to our Food steamer

             the Steam seems to mobilise it away... 

      a good little tip to know should it ever go naughty

     but must always consider possibilities of Relocation…


   Under Breast

Malassezia burn under Breast.

  I have only had two nasty incidents Under the Breast area throughout.

         One on each side, on separate occasions 

            and both came up rather unexpectedly

                  during Night time while asleep

     so i have been normally leaving the area completely Unprotected


This one i treated with Acidophilus water and took an entire week to heal

      – not bad considering Lesions usually take near Four or more –

because Malassezia had settled in and had formed bubbles under the skin

  –barely visible on photos– and due to itching and Inflammation

as both are attracting elements, it was much harder to prevent attempts

    of more trying to settle in the area.


Once Acidophilus had done the ‘job’ and the bubbles had dried up

          i continued applying Acidophilus in the Morning 

and Talcum Powder at Night until completely healed and safe

  Now i only apply Talcum Powder morning and night

   to keep the area Dry and deter any fresh attacks.


   Buttocks, Pubic and Vagina 

   Malassezia Buttocks

I wash thoroughly after Every Bathroom visit, dry well

and then Apply Acidophilus water.

It does not stop traffic In and Out of Internal areas

but the entire Outer Area is Absolutely Clean and Clear.

I have also introduced a trial run of Menstrual Pads

which Malassezia seemed to avoid only during the first 2 days

 due to its moisture absorbing qualities

and i am now hooked to the convenience and dry feeling

immediately after having applied Acidophilus water


So in this Regard it is Great and very Convenient

because i can Treat the area Liberally and still feel Dry

and Acidophilus being a Live Creature knows where skin

and warmth is and travels there, instead of

-as i used to worry- sink at the bottom of the Pad.

Should this was happening the area would not be as clear

and i would be fighting diggings and lesions…


I used to wash the Vagina walls during Bath time

or prior to Inserting an Acidophilus Capsule

but i have now changed to a way that works much better.

I do not wash it Internally Unless and Only if /when i feel

Malassezia brazen invasion despite Acidophilus Presence

or of  negligible chances to settle there.

I always worry it might travel upwards to the Uterus.

In these cases, fortunately very infrequent

i wash, and dry and insert a new Acidophilus capsule.

The rest of the time i only insert the Acidophilus 3 times daily

morning, noon, night and let it Saturate the area thoroughly!


Feet and Toes

  Malassezia Toe

I used to have a persistent problem with swollen feet back when able

       to stand up a lot longer and do a lot more than recently.

Then i discovered that sitting in a Recliner Chair

thus able to keep my legs and feet raised

 helped with better blood circulation

and all swelling and inflammation ceased and since then

there  has been way less attraction for settling in the area.


I still apply Seawater or Acidophilus water for Prevention

           but not ever trusting its Evil Nature

   i always Protect thoroughly the Two Big Toes.


       And a Bit about The Skin in its Entirety

I Like this So very Much and i Totally agree with it

               It also Confirms the Benefits

   of Pursuing the Natural against the Chemical

The Skin


                     The Skin a Live Entity of its Own

         Relies on Diet as a Main Contributor of Elements

             that can Help Boost or Weaken its Health.


    Live Nutrients are the Building Blocks of our Entire Body

                        Internal as well as External 

                      And must Never be Overlook

            Or come Second to Any other Treatment

Malassezia My Dinners

                    Malassezia Defender 

       Regarding Prescription Medications

   Malassezia and Prescriptions

From Personal Experience as well as Shared Visitor Communications

there is a certain number of hurdles to overcome in order 

to be Diagnosed first and then -perhaps- if lucky, obtain a Prescription


1- Doctor Believing and Complying about Prescribing Diagnostic Tests

2- Prescription for the ‘Right Tests’ is not always guaranteed and doctors

    have their own mind and guidelines as to what to look first

3-  The Tests Producing a Right Diagnosis

4- The Tests even if the Right ones, Producing Conclusive Results

5- Co-Operative Dermatologist for Treatments etc

    …Not kind issuing the ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ verdict.

 6- Past successfully the last hurdle… one is faced with having to take

    more Antibiotics… for – most likely – Only Temporary Results

    and Risks involved with high dosages and/or  Long term are required.

Malassezia medications


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