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Malassezia ~ Sunburn – Ozone and Infra Red



            * READERS’ KEYWORDS *


     Malassezia Q&A's MD

       * Malassezia ~ Sunburn – Ozone and Infra Red *


                                   * Sunburn *

                     Malassezia Sunburn                                                                                                                           

   K1: * malassezia yeast and intense sunburn *      

Is the Reader using the word ‘Sunburn’ as a description of the usual

Malassezia Burning, stinging sensation felt on the Skin

or are they planning a deliberate desperate attempt

of exposing one’s skin in the Sun to obtain a real sunburn

destroying the skin area and … risking Skin Cancer

in order to kill Malassezia …only topically and temporarily

 and have it springing up somewhere else soon after?

 I do hope it is the former : description of Malassezia burning.                              

      The Burning -or Sunburn- sensation often accompanied by Erythema

     is caused by the release of Inflammatory substances 

Malassezia and Inflammation R


    After a quick research in a few sites

    including a Dermatology Publication

       i do not feel much inclined to try

          any of the treatments below                                                               

              K2: * malassezia treatment with ozone *



            Malassezia and Ozone                 

                             M-O MD                                             (Click on Image to enlarge)


                         K3 * does infared kill malassezia  *


    Malassezia and Infrared




                              Considering that Malassezia

     a) Is a Permanent Resident of Planet Body

                       Internally and Externally

             and Not a Temporary ‘Once off’ Visitor

     b) Inhabiting it as Part of Natural Body Flora,

     together with thousands of other commensal species

            i.e,  under normal conditions going on

       about their business quietly and unnoticed, and

      c) Ubiquitous i.e widespread in Nature

         thus with inherent tendency of recurrence

         It would be Reasonable to assume that

     a) Some Immunity changes have occurred

         due to either Internal or external conditions

          such as illness -known or underlying-

        medications, antibiotics or stressful events

        which have caused it to change behaviour

           and turn from Commensal to Pathogen

       b) KillingSome of it – or just Once

           would Not be the end of it for ever.

       c) Any Treatment whether Natural or Chemical

              would have to be Repeated 

        possibly applied periodically and indefinitely

          unless or until –  there is a change

        or Reversal in the Conditions of Immunity

                  back to Normal Levels.                                                                          

             Therefore the most Important Questions to ask

                Before Implementing Any Treatment, are:                                                      

            * How Repeated Sessions of Treatment

               will affect Other Internal or External Areas of the Body

* Will there be any Cumulative Negative Effects

             on Immunity in the Long Term?


           The answers to these questions

   -after Research on Treatment Benefits and Side effects-

                 can determine decisions

    but Not any Malassezia Final Outcome

                   Unless the Treatment is

   Beneficial and Immunity Building Overall!


Malassezia Defender



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                  Addressing Readers’ Questions / Keywords

              Please Note:

                       I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                             Nor Provide Personal Advice

                                All References are Based

                   On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences

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