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Malassezia Readers Keywords and … More … gellons!



            * Malassezia and …More…gellons… *

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         K1:  * demodex or morgellons * 


   If the Question is in regards to the Appearance of the ‘Creature’

     only a Microscope or a Lab Test can tells which one it is .

    The question confronted with of course

    is who/what determines what the Morgellons ‘Creature’ looks like…


    If the question is in regards to Symptoms then the problem

    is even more complicated, because from my own frantic research

    way back when trying to determine what my own 

    tormenting ‘Creature’ was, the symptoms available,  

          jumbled up and as confusing as anything

             were as similar as could be described

    and to this day i still wonder if they are correctly ascribed

    and attributed to each case,  so … i will keep hands off this one.              

    If one is serious, since the Demodex is medically recognised

    and can be detected, one can either request a lab test 

    or purchase a Microscope and start viewing their own samples.

   There are many photos of Demodex on Google Images to compare

   and below is the only one we think we caught some way back.

Demodex Comparison MD

Left Top one is Our Sample the others are Google Comparisons


K2:  *morgellons vs scabies*  

      I believe the abbreviation ‘vs’ here is used as ‘comparison’

            rather as ‘against, opposed, contrasted’, etc

         in which case pretty much All of the above apply here too.


  K3:  * difference between demodex mites and malassezia *

           The same as K1 and K2 


        K4:  *morgellons under microscope*  

    A Typical ‘Mala-gellons’ case?

     I remember back when i had thought initially we had Lice,

then Scabies, then Demodex and then i had seen and compared

some of the Top Row Photos (below) with the ones all over my Body

     and was convinced for a little while that i had Morgellons,

              until i visited Forums and did some Research.


                                 Below (Top Row)

      A small sample of Comparison Photos of Morgellons

                      with Some of Mine (Bottom Row)

 Malassezia - Malagellons ComparisonMD

1)The Lesions- 2)The Cheesy Centers in them- 3)The Scratch Lines

     ( and  the Thumb Nails (Top 3) are also heavily Infected.)

4) I had seen these fibre like threads in the Digital Microscope

   but had dismissed them as possible hairlike fibres

    from the air / dust / towels, environment or items i had touched

  so i did not bother taking any photos.

   That until i saw them in Google as Morgellons fibres…

   and later on ( Nr 4 Bottom Row ) as Malassezia Google image

           and i knew they had been Malassezia Hyphae

              as they appeared under Digital Microscope

of a lesser magnification and clarity compared to the Biological one.

     So!… i see it as a Mala-gellons under Microscope!…


               Incidentally… Nr 4 Bottom Row G/Image

             looks very much like the Recently Published

               ‘Beaded’ hyphae  Ones of mine…

Malassezia and G-Images Comparison

                                  (Click on  photo to enlarge)


  K5:  * morgellons in intestines *  

                           Another Mala-gellons?…

          I have already written about Malassezia in the intestines

                                in various of my entries.

             If Enemas help Temporarily Relieve Congestion

                       in the Lower and Transverse Colon

             perhaps the same might apply to Mala-gellons?…

   Enemas for mala-gellons


     K6:  * morgellons hair follicles hairs *  

                I am guessing this means

             ‘morgellons hair follicles – hairs ‘

           i.e. Hair/Fibre/Hyphae in Hair Follicles?

Malassezia Infected Hair Follicles

     Some Infected Hair Follicles looked under Digital Microscope

can appear Monstrously Alien with strange Fibres sprouting out of them

  but they are just normal hairs … not seen under microscope before!

     Of course i am unable to evaluate what the Reader has seen

or a photo of their observation and i am only guessing what they may mean.

                            ( For Colour Malassezia Filaments 

        See in  Photos Section here – and in  * Malassezia Blog * )


K7:  * what are the big blobs forming in my legs from morgellons*  

                         Speaking in Malassezia terms

             it sounds like the Blob like particles

are semi-Solidified stage Malassezia

                soon to develop Hyphae, Dig-in and start Cloning…

    Malassezia Blobs

(Semi-Solidified Ear Blobs)


K8:  * yeast infection and morgellons *  

             Hmm! …what shall i make of this one?..

                 ‘Yeast Infection AND Morgellons’

                       Would the Reader  mean

            “Comparison” of Yeast infection and Morgellons?

                      It sounds very much like it.

               I just hope i have presented enough material

       to show they are Both as Alike as Twins rather than Different

       in many respects, such as Symptoms as well as Appearance


  And if they Are… then i could say with Certainty…(below)


   K9:  * sesame oil for morgellons *  

       NO! … Sesame Oil -or ANY OIL– would NOT DO Good!


    K10:  * morgellons yeast *  

 I like the term, seems to Incorporate Both… ‘Morgs and Sezia’, Lol

       B G D

     Should it have been named  …Morgssezia?… or Malagellons?



Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 




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Malassezia-Morgellons-Demodex-Poll Category

                       * POLLS *


                      Malassezia Polls

   * Malassezia-Malagellons-Demodex- New Poll Category *


   29 Dec 13

My Sincere Apologies to the few who have made the effort

              to Participate in the Poll in the Entry:

      – Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(9)

 Being unfamiliar with the site i noticed a couple of things

    about the way the Voting Results were presented:


1) The Questions do not remain in an orderly relevant order

     but get scrambled up according to the number of votes.

     Nothing much to be done about this but not important


2) There is No Clear Indication as to How many people

     with Malassezia had symptoms appearing After Medications

     or How many with Morgellons, Demodex or Other (Scabies, Lice etc)

     or How many in Each category are Currently on Antibiotics and so on.


I realise this was due to grouping them together.


My Intention had been to create a special POLLS Category

but due to Sparse Participation and a previously highly disappointing

observation of either total disinterest and / or reluctance to vote

i tried this time a) to make it more Convenient for the Reader

and b) wait for better signs of Interest and Participation.


Of course the Bundled up results make the Poll useless

therefore in order for All of us to have a Clearer View and Derived Benefit

from this effort i decided to Separate the Groups

and attempting the Creation of an All New POLLS Category 

so that Each Individual can fill the questionnaire

that applies to their particular case

and Observe what parts are common and shared with others.


My Many Thanks to those who have already Voted

                  And Welcome to Vote again!

    and Those who might be prepared to do so!


     In Return and for the Benefit of All Readers

         I have deliberately chosen the Option

      of Allowing the Viewing of Voting Results

           in Each Category as will be added

          * * *

Your Participation will be Appreciated 

Polls are Totally Anonymous, Quick and Easy

 and Help my Research and more Targeted Contributions


   Voting Participation Indicates People’s Interest

      and gives me Incentive to continue Sharing


You may check the Results and Compare with other Individuals’ Experiences

 * * *

Site Disclaimer MD

Site AD MD


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* Morgellons and You – General Questions Poll *

                       * POLLS *


                      Malassezia Polls

    * Morgellons  and You – General Questions *


The Poll is Totally Anonymous, Quick and Easy

           Your Participation will be Appreciated

   and Help my Research and more Targeted Contribution


    Voting Participation Indicates People’s Interest

      and gives me Incentive to continue Sharing


You may check the Results and Compare with other Individuals’ Experiences 

  Please Click to All Applicable


Site Disclaimer MD

Site AD MD


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Malassezia – Morgellons – Quick GG – Search



Mala-gellons F


  * Malassezia – Morgellons – QUICK Google – Search *


   * Who is Who … and Who is What?…  *
       The Funny Side                                                                                     

          Q:   “who is the malassezia fungus”

Q: Is this a Question as in ‘who?’ is the malassezia fungus 

               or a Statement as in

       Malagellons who

         ‘Who’… IS…  … the Malassezia fungus’


  ‘Dr Who’ fans -My Man included!- will despise my warped sense of humour  

  There are a lot of ‘Who?’ type of questions that come up when dealing with

  the Malassezia counterpart of Morgellons – No offence meant in any direction.


                    Q2: “ Who?  is the Morgellons   Disease then?…”

Mala-gellons hy

      A: Well… they all have their secret Identities and we will never know


   The Serious Side:

I’ m guessing the Reader comes from a Non-English speaking country

trying to find information about Malassezia Fungus.

Hopefully this site may provide them with some Helpful answers


Q: “the truth about Malassezia

YES!… this is what we All want!

“ The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

    about Malassezia.

My Personal Oath of Truth on my (Malassezia) … Diary!

    Malassezia Treatments Diary1 MD 


I am sure Many People also want to find the Truth about Morgellons 

    The same Book above will do for Morgellons, Demodex or Scabies

since all took turns initially as my ‘possible’ diagnosis,

based on my symptoms and discussion forums research

until i was Lucky to have a photo sample identified for me

         as Malassezia by a Professional in the field

               as detailed in my *Malassezia Blog*

and confirmed by Numerous samples thereafter by Laboratory photos

          after my – i confess – initial confusion and scepticism

since i had never heard of a Malassezia term or affliction before. 


Been grateful to the Universe and the Helpful Gentleman

           for steering me in the right direction,

i decided and earnestly took upon myself to share

        my Diary, Findings and Experiences

with other people suffering similar symptoms.


Piece by Piece more and more has come to light

      both at Home and those of many others

      -as well as at the Research Laboratories

but for the ‘Whole  Truth’ … don’t know whether it will be found

                   any time soon for many of us…


I believe we are aslo faced with a Very Confusing Wide List

of Similar – if not Identical – Symptoms and Photos:

Malassezia Comparison

      Photo on Left <– form Google Images searchng for ‘filaments in the skin’

Middle photo is presented in ‘Malassezia~Now you See it – Now you Don’t!’

in the Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(1- 10) series

Photo on the Right –> to be published soon with Acidophilus Connection details.

One more below

Photo on Left form Google Images

  Photos Middle/Right in my  *Malassezia Blog*

 Malassezia Comparison 2

  Malassezia or  Morgellons 

(Readers’ Search Keywords)

* cuticles infected with morgellons

* malassezia yeast nail

* hair and nail parasite morgellon

* morgellons hair follicles hairs

* morgellons in intestines

    Judging by the Frequently used Keywords by the Readers

    i can see a  Hybrid situation and a problem of Identification

     i.e Who does the Identification of those Photos/Symptoms

                             and Who Names them 

            (is it ‘Dr  Who‘ …Lol!…)


 Following the advice and suggestion of a Regular Reader

that my Entries could help many Morgellons people

  i have decided to do just that – provided it is clarified and accepted


a) I am Not a Qualified Practitioner

    and cannot offer Medical Advice or any advice for that matter

    other than that of a well-intentioned individual 

    and  from the Basis of Sharing my Personal Diary as in Malassezia.


b) That i am not Obliged to Follow and Refer to any Symptoms

    by the ‘given’ Name of ‘Morgellons’ disease or syndrome

  which is based on Mary Leitao’s choice

  at the time of her personal research and seeking for answers.

                                   (Feeling Nonetheless

    Respectful Sympathy and Understanding to Her Plight and Fight)


      Therefore i will be using Readers Questions and Keywords and

-until Science has allocated Morgellons official Medical Reference Name-

                    i will be referring and treating them

                       as ‘Common Symptoms Cases’

              * * * 

         Below are the findings of some quick Search i did 

  to make sure there is nothing new i have not been aware of lately: 

        *****  *****  ****  ****  ****  ****  ****  

             Diagnosing Morgellons

Malagellons Googled

Malagellons Googled 1

Malagellons Googled 2

Malagellons Googled 2-1

Malagellons Googled 2-2 

 Naming of Morgellons

Malagellons Googled 3

Malagellons Googled 3.-1jpg

                                      (For Better Viewing Click on Image to Enlarge)

Malagellons Googled 3-3

                                     (For Better Viewing Click on Image to Enlarge) 

Malagellons Googled 3-2




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Morgellons&Demodex Symptoms-Malassezia Solutions



Malassezia Keywords


*Morgellons and Demodex Symptoms – Malassezia Solutions *


Morgellons scalp





*K1 * i have found a morgellons organism made of slimy gel

          it moves the crown of my scalp when i come towards it *


*Q1  * how to fight morgellons*


*K2 * crawling under scalp parasite *


*K3 * sticky matted hair itchy skin on body *


* * * * * * 




*K4 * demodex between fingers *


*K5 * demodex yougurt *


* *  * * * *

     K1: My Question is:
* How was the Organism Identified as Morgellons?
         * I am not sure what the Reader means by

                           ‘when i come towards it’
Never mind the name or classification, some three years back
there was an area on my upper Back between shoulders and waist
where i felt a sliding movement under the skin  as if by some
half moon shaped liquid the size of a small fry pan.
Also back then i experienced the sensation
as if the surface of the scalp was moving or sliding
or something sliding underneath it
as well as burning, itching and hair falling in clamps.                                                      
It took a long time to clear both and never felt it since                                                     
but it feels much like it -i.e warm gel type liquid 
either in the above mentioned areas nor as in such size                                                 
but it feels much like it -i.e warm gel type liquid                                                               
spreading outwards from the private areas.
I know it as the Orange liquid stage of Malassezia.
I have detailed ways and substances i used to treat both problems
in the * Malassezia Bog *

*Q1  * how to fight morgellons*

   I do not know how to fight Morgellons

but I Do Know how to Fight Malassezia!


I will not say Morgellons does not exist just because:


             “This condition is not currently recognized

                      as a distinct clinical  disorder 

                  with established diagnostic criteria

                      that are generally accepted

                      by the medical community…” 


but personally i am more Inclined to Look first on the Earth

where something has been Identified and displays similar

                 -if not identical-  symptoms

rather than try to search out there on the Moon …


I believe no matter if Morgellons, Demodex or Malassezia

since all three appear to cause very similar symptoms

it would not hurt trying some harmless natural methods of treatment

           to at least alleviate some of the symptoms                    

for something that seems of its nature practically incurable…


        There is a very good chance that applying the method

                                detailed in the Entry


  “Malassezia: Hair and Scalp Treatment “


might be helpful to the First Reader with the Scalp problem.


*K4:  I am also not sure either of what is meant by

  ‘demodex between fingers

How was it  identified as ‘demodex’ and what does this particular 

                  ‘between the fingers’ looks like? 

Lesions? Dry Scaling Skin? Sticky substance? Paper Scrarch lines etc?

Overall i would try washing and scrubbing with warm water

and an old harsh facecloth -with warn off pile-  loofah or nail brush,

              dry and then apply either Natural Seawater

  or an Acidophilus Capsule diluted in 2 Tbs warm water

           preferably at bedtime and leaving overnight.


*K5 * demodex yougurt *:


      It is not mentioned for what area of the Body

is the Reader looking for applying a Yoghurt treatment.

Yoghurt or YAM or Acidophilus Bifidobacteria Capsule

       diluted in water can be helpful  for some areas.

     More Info can be found in the * Malassezia Blog *                   


                  Please read Probiotic Waning in previous entry

   “Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning


*More Details on Methods and Treatments see



Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 




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Malassezia Yeast, Morgellons, Demodex or Parasites?

MIcroscopes MD
Malassezia Yeast, Morgellons, Demodex or Parasites?
Malassezia Yeast, Morgellons, Demodex or Parasites?
    Samples Under Microscope1 MB
Back in time when i first created the original ‘Sonata’s Story’ Blog
seeing how events were developing fast in regard to increasing visitor numbers, 
i decided to create an improved version and  ‘Malassezia – My Story’ was born…
On the Banners on Both sites one can see the inclusion of Demodex and Morgellons
as well as Fungal infections, simply because at the time i was searching and trying
to find out what the problem was as the symptoms were multiple and confusing.
I have written the story of how it was all initially thought as head lice, then body lice,
then scabies, then parasites, then demodex, then morgellons and along the search line
i was taking a slice of a theory from different forum gyrations, aided by photos
and symptoms described, some matching some not, and the theory kept changing
while i was frantically trying to deal with a Medusa like of a Devil.
I spent hundreds of dollars and donned on me near lethal quantities of any chemicals
i could get my hands onto, and i fought my husband tooth and claw against the idea
of buying a Microscope – what would be the point? the Google photo
and some symptoms mentioned on other sites indicated clearly
that i had Morgellons so why spend extra money for a microscope?
 – until thankfully in the end being out of solutions or reliable identification
and the Morgellons stories starting to unfold for me like a script out of Dr WHO
i was finally persuaded and grudgingly agreed for us to get a Digital one.
This, initially opened the path to more confusion, feelings of horror
and resistance accepting what stared back at me, but then i got down to work
and numerous photos were taken of equally numerous samples
from everywhere i could collect them from both of us.
Soon its usefulness became apparent when we were able to view
what by the naked eye looked like bumpy, pimply hair follicles,
      that were in fact creature infested and impregnated, 
 Hair Follicle1 MB
   and what was even more difficult to see clearly but felt painful and itchy
                    in the private area, that were purple bumps 
Purple Bumps on Labia1 MB
           and how they opened and augmented as they developed
Malassezia  Lesion1 MB
            or  how the Creature was Liquid and Mobile such as on fingers 
Malassezia on Fingers1
    Still there were many questions and identification still very hard
other than knowing whatever it was it did Not look like Lice or Scabies.
At the time my entire body was covered with regularly erupting bumps,
scratch lines and lesions and my hair thickly gluey, comb impenetrable
                              and falling by the clumps.
      These were some of the photos of ‘allegedly’ Morgellons symptoms
i compared with what looked almost identical to the lesions i had on my body:

  M Google Images 1 MB

         Under the Digital Microscope i could see some short black fibres
                                      … seemingly moving!
                   I dismissed as possible clothe or carpet fibres 
        I was desperate enough to be gullible enough not only to believe
                     but to even try this … Morgellon’s… ‘cure’:
“Have a Bath with Sun powdered laundry detergent with Colorsafe Bleach PLUS Alfalfa tablets.
These seem to combine to produce something that is lethal to the machines. (Machines???)
This cure for Morgellon’s disease was discovered by accident.” Cure???
                         ( accident! sounds more like it … Lol!…)
No need to say it was a Laughable Proposition of Zilts Results 
   despite many boxes of washing powder and bottles of Alfalfa, 
                   if one could be in a mood to laugh…
Soon it was obvious that this magnification was not adequate
and something stronger closer to professional level was needed
– but again my man had to fight me even though i could now see
the need for it myself – but i could also see the hundreds of dollars
having escalated to thousands – without any results to show… 
Eventually, i gave in and we bought the Biological Microscope.
In retrospect, one of the Best things we could have ever done!
After initial familiarisation with the viewing, things started to look
        seriously ‘Interesting’ as well as helping to clarify
         some of the mysteries viewed by the Digital one.
Many samples later, when we could repeatedly and unfailingly see
                      the constant presence of ‘SOMETHING’
                    i started searching Google and G/ Images
            for Parasites, alleged Morgellons fibres and Demodex,
             using as many variations of keywords i could think of
so the engines would bring as many links and / or photos as possible…
While searching i saw photos that burned the retinas of my eyes,
burned holes in my brain and memory – and made me sick in the stomach,
                                  yet i still kept pressing on.
               None of the Countless ones we saw of Parasites
         seemed to match the ones we could see in Our samples
                    – they looked somewhat similar? … yet not!…
          Neither did they seem to match any of the Morgellons ones
           despite the many almost identical resemblance of lesions
             and other physical symptoms on photos of body parts.
We could see Fibres very clearly under the B microscope,
and unlike the ones that looked only black under the Digital,
some of the same sample ones as well as of many others,
looked bright Red, well formed, rounded and robust,
some looked Maroon, and some grayish, empty and dishevelled, 
and much like dendrites opened up in some parts and disintegrating.
     Some samples of crystalline shards, revealed developing fibres (1)
    and only one among many samples of mine, while a few of my man’s,
              showed what very closely resembled a Demodex.(2-3)

Samples Under Microscope1 MB

    Having no other way of finding out the identity of viewed items
            i posted some photos and a desperate message
        in a Microscope related  Forum where people were posting photos
        and  Microscope related discussions, some as hobby
            and – as i understood it- some as professionals 
                        – and so  i enlisted their help.
Many responded trying to help but no one could tell with certainty
except for One person who presented me with their full name and credentials
and Related work in the Field and Identified one of the Photos  
 as a Yeast Fungus but  as a good Professional refrained from making
a diagnosis and urged me to see… a Specialist… which i did … twice!
but turned out to be a very painful, extremely regretful experience …
                    and a hopeless – dead case one… 
Nevertheless, i am eternally Grateful to that Gentleman
that made the effort to respond to my plea
because his input help me Immensely and changed my Life
                       or rather Saved it!!
I must confess here, that knowing nothing about Yeast Fungus
i was initially rather sceptical about the correctness of the identification
but having practically ruled out the Parasite case and finding nothing under
either one of the Microscopes that could substantiate the Morgellons case
and remembering also my man exclaiming loud the very first time
       we saw movement under the Digital Microscope:
              “Geeeesus!… this looks like Fungus!...”
   i thought if nothing else, out of courtesy to this  Gentleman
         – and an experienced Professional  for that matter-
i should search Google and Google Images and see if there is anything
that resembled the ‘Yeast Fungus’ identification of our samples.
  And here came the most Significant Revelation!


Photos 1- 2: Our samples                                    

   Malassezia  Hyphae with Nodules1 MB

                                        Photo 3 – 4:

                       Google images/ Photo sources:

M Google Images 2 MB


 Identical looking FibresDistinctive Nodulated joints and abundant presence 

of surrounding spores? / ‘meatballs’ – which unfortunately are not visible
in our photos due to poor ‘phone camera’ quality- despite absolute clarity 
                when viewed under the Biological Microscope!
On the assumption that the above ‘Lab Photos’ published on Google Images
are showing correctly identified and named the Samples
as Malassezia Yeast Fungus and after comparing the striking similarity of details
               i was left with absolutely no doubt any more
and targeted both my Research and Treatment efforts in that direction.
Many more samples from both of us from as many areas as we could collect
repeatedly showed the same theme, over and over and over
Malassezia fibres/hyphae – coloured according to the different
stages of development, e.g. bright red when freshly drawn blood 
 marron later on, dark gray at end of cycle, light gray at beginning
of disintegration and light ash colour gray with a dendrite appearance
                   when breaking open and falling apart.
No movement of the liquid stage was visible under the Biological Microscope
as we did not use any medium –we just placed the samples under the lenses-
showing only as liquid ‘appearance’ but the movement of the liquid stage
            was clearly visible under the Digital Microscope.
The unseen movement became apparent when the samples were viewed again
a few days later indicating very perceptible growth or augmentation.
Now let us  Compare some of Our Photos with some Google Images:
                                                 Alleged Morgellons         

M Google Images 1 MB

                                                 Ours – Malassezia 

Malassezia Lesions 6  MB

                                                  Alleged Morgellons         

   M Google Images 2  MB

                                            ( Malassezia ( Ours )

Scratch Lines-Discolouration Patches 1 MB

                                       (Click on Images to enlarge)

Note Nail….

                                           M Google Images 3 MB

          Nail in the above ‘Morgellons’ photo is highly Fungus infected

   Also many Blood spots and lines visible  -another Malassezia characteristic


         Below how Nails can deceptively Look healthy to the Naked eye (1-2 )

Malassezia and Nails3 MB

               And  what a view with a Digital microscope can reveal (1-2):

Infected Nails1 MB

                        ( Note similarity with the ‘Morgellons’ one – (3) )


   Regarding Morgellons, according to one Online Source:
“This condition is not currently recognized as a distinct clinical disorder
          with established diagnostic criteria that are generally accepted
                                         by the medical community…”
This does not mean Morgellons does not exist – but simply that
i do not feel i am qualified to verify its existence or validity of symptoms etc.
In my view – and there is always a good chance for error – either many cases
of simple Malassezia Yeast symptoms are Mistaken or Confused as Morgellons
or If Morgellons as such exists, causes the onset of aggravated Malassezia symptoms.
  Incidentally, this Morgellons Photo shown above
  also appears as Lyme Disease in Google Images!

    L Google Images1  MB

                         So… Who named it Morgellons 
                        and Who named it Lyme disease
           and most importantly  
                    Which one Is It?…
             If indeed … Any of Either???
                                Lyme disease is Detectable
                              And Treatable with Antibiotics.
                                (At least in the early stages)
For me, what is More important  than either Naming or Category  
is  Finding ways to either Control its devastating symptoms
or an Overall Effective Internal Cure 
where i consider the origin and proliferation is taking place
– a belief i have finally arrived at after many months of observations.
Control i have already achieved to the greatest degree achievable
at least so far – but there is no ground that can be guaranteed
              as permanently gained and established.
Therefore, i have been hoping and working towards finding an actual
and hopefully more lasting treatment,  either by means
of some aid or by changing and enhancing my immune system
while in the meantime applying the methods that keep it under control
          and minimise both the Malassezia presence
      as well as manifestation or severity of symptoms
             thus making the everyday life liveable.
 Note: This Entry was first published 2 years or so ago
           Since then greater Insight into Malassezia reality
           has been gained and presented in more recent entries
                                       Relevant Topics:
*More Entries about  Morgellons see Malassezia Daily * 
*More Recent Entries:  Morgellons&Demodex Symptoms-Malassezia Solutions:                                
                                               ( Dec 13)
            (More Entries Regarding Morgellons topic coming soon)




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