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Malassezia ~ Pro-Biotic Warning (PT 2)




          * Malassezia ~  Probiotic Warning (2) *

    Probiotics MD

While Conducting another Acidophilus Experiment 

the results of which i will post when completed

i have come across additional Information

regarding different types of Probiotics

and since i have been touting from the Rooftop

the Acidophilus Benefits i have experienced

derived from its use wherever possible

i thought it prudent and rather important

to share my recent findings

as it appears the case of Probiotic Use 

is not ‘universally’ safe for many individuals

or not so under certain conditions.


I Cannot Vouch for the Accuracy of all this Information

but it is collectively and by all means an Expansion and Confirmation

of what i have already Posted in the First ‘Probiotics Warning’ Entry

that was included by a Company as a caution of use of their Probiotic.

( I have included below their Possible Source of this Info – Photo1)


Since i cannot copy/paste and post the entirety of contents of other sites

i will attempt to present a Summary and Provide a Link

with sufficient info covering most of the topic in one place. 


             A ‘Summary of Gathered and Collated Info’ 

*   Saccharomyces are Yeasts belonging in the Category of Fungi

     Their Name means ‘Sugar Fungi’

* ‘Saccharomyces cerevisiae’, are used in making wine, bread, and beer 

   ‘Saccharomyces bayanus’, also used in making wine, and

   ‘Saccharomyces boulardii’, used in medicine

*   Some Saccharomyces are considered as Friendly Probiotics

     with reported Beneficial effects under Normal conditions

                                            ~ ~ ~

*   Fungemia is the Presence and Colonisation

     of Yeasts/Fungi in the Bloodstream

   Internal Contamination of the Blood can cause Fungemia

*   Saccharomyces are a Common Cause of Fangemia

      in Immunosupresed Individuals

*   Saccharomyces and Saccharomyces Boulardii,

    are often included in many Probiotic Supplements                                                  


                             (Click on Photo to Enlarge)


    ~ ~ ~

There are Many Risk Factors Listed as possible causes

 but i shall name only a few closer related to Malassezia that i know of

 though some people may have developed Malassezia proliferation

 due to some of the other Risk Factors included in the Info Lists

– (Not all listed below)


  Most Common Infection Risk Factors


* Frequency of Infection Increasing 

   possibly due to Increase of Antibiotic use

* Use of  Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics

* Use of Steroids

* Use of Yeast Probiotics

* Lowered Intestinal Flora

  (Due to Antibiotics and X-Rays) *1

* Serious Illness

* Suppressed Immune System

* Fungal Colonisation (varying Yeast species)

  (Content In Parenthesis*1 is my addition)


Pretty much what i have been saying all along 

Clever MD

  about Proliferation Causes of Malassezia!      


I must Clarify here that My Purpose of Presenting this Info

is Not to Enlighten the Reader about the Saccharomyces

as i know very little of them myself and learning as researching about them

but Due to having lavishly Presented my Findings of the Incredible Benefits

i have been Deriving from the Use of 2 Different Successfully Effective

Probiotic Combinations of Acidophilus Bifido-Bacteria Products

and to Sound a  Warning Bell about the Variations of Combinations 

of some Probiotic Products that include Probiotic Yeasts


Malassezia and Saccharomyces

         This does Not mean avoiding Probiotics use altogether

                                         but making sure 

         the Probiotic Products containing Acidophilus Bifidobacteria

           Do Not Include Any Saccharomyces Yeasts.


            An additional Problem with All Probiotic Products

          is the ‘Encapsulating Agents, ‘i.e any Preservatives

        and/or Type of Sugars included for Feeding the Bacteria.

They can cause headaches and other assorted funny symptoms 

                     as Both my man and I discovered

only being in better condition than i am it took him much longer

            to register and mention anything about them.

When he started complaining and considering seeing a doctor

i suspected  they might be the cause and took him off them to verify. 

Soon after discontinuing all symptoms disappeared.

This occurred and was verified a couple of times. 

So now i give him some for a few days and stop for another few

but then his Malassezia seldom creates debilitating

or torturing problems for him except in rare occasions

when he gets Flair-ups due to Colds, Stress, etc


One particular Australian brand i tried just half a capsule in the breakfast

had me with a Blinding, extremely nauseating Migraine and blurred Vision

for Three full days … I threw the rest of them out and decided to stick with

the ones i can use -the way i have been using them- with only minimal

and brief symptoms and not risk any painful repeat unnecessarily. 

                                      June 14

                    * Other Probiotic Ingredients:         

Inulin – Polydextrose, maltodextrin, sugar, phytates,

 preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, wheat, gluten.


( Some of them  likely to cause some problems to some people

               and of course … Yeasts Love Sugars!…

      So our Pharmaceutical Manufacturers – hopefully unintentionally

                   give us the Antidote bound with the Poison!

                   and No listing of it so we might have a choice.

    Considering of course that Acidophilus Bacteria are Live creatures

    Needing Food to Survive for months in an airtight capsule or container

              i am not sure if there is a better solution to this bind

                 so as things stand it comes down to the Individual 

               to trial different Brands and weigh the Positives

                           against (IF) any Negative results 

                 until finding the optimal for their needs.)


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~ ~ ~

                   Malassezia Daily ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1–150                 




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