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Malassezia Humour


The Funny Side 

     K1:  * i left zinc pyrithione on my genitles overnight *


Malassezia on genitals

To be honest i found hard to stifle a few giggles with this one

but i must admit i have done the same thing myself


I would really love to hear more about this story…


*K2:  * scalp sores picking sea breeze *


Malasseia on scalp

Lol! and ROFL!…


I have a very fertile vivid childish imagination for all things

           but his one has found me wanting!…

   What is the Reader saying?  … what were they after?

                   Just cannot come anywhere near guessing

                            so i shall leave this one alone


*K3:  * menstruation Malassezia *


Malassezia and menstruation

                   Due to its Prolific Reproductive abilities and Name

           i have always thought of Malassezia as feminine in nature

                             but never considered possible 

that it could … menstruate, lol!

   (Ok, maybe this is not very funny… )


   The Serious Side


*K1:  * i left zinc pyrithione on my genitles overnight *


I assume the Reader refers to (Zinc Pyrithione)Shampoo.


As i mentioned above i have done the same thing myself

on both the Private area as well as on the Scalp

Successful treatment but came with a very High Price.

Leaving the Shampoo overnight on either of these areas

although it produced some result Locally(!)

a) it did Not solve the Malassezia Problem except temporarily

b) it was absorbed by the skin causing very negative side effects

that lasted – at least in my case – way longer after the application 

and many more new repeated assaults by Malassezia.


I have modified the method since an only applying and leaving on 

for just 2 hours at a time –far in between – usually before Bath time. 

Helpful enough while considerably minimising side effects.


Once a shock result is achieved then applying Acidophilus Capsules

mixed with a little water is a more natural totally harmless treatment 

that can be applied and left on overnight and if done consistently

                       it clears the Scalp brilliantly. 

As for the privates area the same principle applies except that 

in that area it is practically a daily battle keeping Malassezia away.


Acidophilus capsules alone can clear the Scalp without the aid

of added PZ shampoo treatment – just the regular use

but it takes much longer to achieve the final result

and then needs to be maintained regularly

much like any other treatment Natural or Chemical. 


It is a lot harder though to keep Malassezia away from the genital area

 being the thoroughfare of Its several times daily ‘In and Out’ Traffic.


Most people do not feel that traffic and have no awareness of it 

so they only discover suddenly what seems to be out of the blue 

the Itchy Burning Bumps, Paper Cut Scratch lines and open Lesions


And this is where the Acidophilus Capsules or Seawater *

prove helpful in Deterring Malassezia Settling in the area

                     and producing those painful results.

(*and i mean Seawater – Not sea Salt + water – Nor Salt + water!)


*K3:  * menstruation Malassezia *


Malassezia and menstruation

    Joke aside, there is a real and serious connection

between Malassezia and Blood and quite a valid concern.


Malassezia is attracted to open wounds and inflammation

due to easier accessibility of blood in those areas.

It appears it needs  Blood to reproduce as this takes place

 towards the what i have observed as the third part of its cycle

 i.e maturity –when ready to reproduce – digging into the flesh 

drawing Blood and creating Itchy Painful Lesions.


I cannot offer the insights of personal experience on this occasion 

because i have not been through a menstruation cycle 

or any effect Malassezia may have during that time 

due to early onset of menopause caused by serious Lung illness.


  It is not hard though to imagine how attractive and inviting 

 a Bleeding Uterine Wall may become to Malassezia. 

Yet I have a suspicion that there may be a ‘Nature’ s Paradox’ here 

where  more Malassezia is cleared Out rather than Settling In… 

It is rather hard to verify for sure, just a gut feeling of mine 

and a logical deduction –on the part of Nature’s wisdom – lol!

because if that were the case then every woman -month-in – month-out

could end up with a tremendous overtake and upset of Balance 

-despite a normal immune system- that could seriously threaten  

human fertility etc and i m sure Mother Nature would never intend it so… 


        I imagine though that during the days building to it 

                     Malassezia may be more likely

             to cause increased concentration in the area 

with possibly increased vaginal Itching, Pain and Cramps 

due to attempts of attaching itself on the walls to start digging in 

           –until of course the … avalanche washes it out…


Scenario described above just a speculation on my part. 

I wonder if during the building up to the menstruation time 

Acidophilus could prove as Relieving and Deterring as it normally is.


      If I were personally in such situation i would try it out

as there is no harm and the more Acidophilus present in that area,

         the less likely of competing presence of any Yeasts

           or other Nasties of all kinds including Malassezia.


More details about Treatments  and Methods

   See * Malassezia Blog *

Malassezia Internal External. MDjpg 

* * *


    DC3 MD NEW


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An Assorted Selection of Gems – H




      Malassezia Humour

*yeast is possessed*

           Cat Possessed

     It most absolutely certainly IS at times

…and so Is its Unfortunate Carrier!… most of the times!

I feel like that after an occasional outbreak

    but fortunately now they are very rare

and i usually deal with them within  a  day or two.


           It certainly acts like possessed

especially upon maturity when due to multiply.

There is practically Nothing that can stop it          

           – few things can stop or kill it and only under certain conditions- 

                                    and when something does

     it dies but leaves behind a painful mess that takes time to heal. 

                More info in the   * Malassezia Blog *



  *how to malassezia naturally*

  Malassezia bug

 If only there was anything natural about malassezia

      Yet we are told that malassezia is a natural inhabitant

  (but tormentor of our bodies when it turns in to pathogen).


I am guessing the reader missed the word ‘kill’ in the sentence

meant to read ‘ how to -kill- malassezia naturally.’


 Several Entries in all my Blogs are dealing with this question

The most recent one is the updated re-blogged

       * Malassezia Blog *



*Malassezia lips

plant lips

If a Plant -above- can have Lips, why not Malassezia!

    Indeed Malassezia is Blood thirsty and its lips

      come in the form of its hyphae.


        On the Serious side, i deal with Malassezia and Lips

        In  * Malassezia Blog *  Entries 



*malassezia swollen paws

    Malassezia paws

As with most Keyword searches i have to guess

what the reader was after in the first place

     and this is not always an easy job.

So here either some reader believes that Malassezia

has Paws!… Lol!.. tongue on cheek. jpgand become swollen

                               or ….

The Reader Malassezia Paws P … has Paws and trying to find a solution

   in which case even this particular type of reader can find

    a lot of useful info about Deterrents, Soothers, Healers 

      and possibly Killers for their Malassezia affliction.

  (Please do NOT attempt applying  Hydrogen Peroxide on Inflamed Paws

  may end up Excruciatingly Painful …for the Paws! – see relevant entries)


Malassezia and Open Wounds – QA  

   * Malassezia Blog *



*one night with Malassezia*       

malassezia devil simile

  I cannot imagine who would want to have ‘a night with Malassezia’

but as one having practically every night with malassezia

–but for some deterring relieving measures–

i can say only someone with either masochistic tendencies

             or very wild imagination lol!


Interestingly this keyword has been reccuring several times

   so either the reader is returning for more fun, lol!

or they have not fulfilled their wish yet in which case

all i can say is : You Lucky Devil! – I’ d kill to part with mine

          or they have not found the answer to their query

            and keep returning and searching 

 or they have and keep returning to read more…


Unfortunately i cannot guess what they want to find out

in order to transfer and deal with it in the serious section/s

of this site. I intend to deal in upcoming entries with

-Malassezia  increased activity at night time and helpful measures

and have already done so about Malassezia and Insomnia

                       in the Malassezia Blog *   




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Malassezia and Bleach QA



Malassezia Q & A s

    Q1: * does bleach kill Malassezia *

    Q2: * does chlorine kill Massalezia* 


                                    ‘ massalezia? ‘ 

                        Yep!… a very  tricky one to type  

                         I trip over it all the time too, lol!


                   * * *

Malassezia and Bleach


A:   Assuming ‘Bleach’ means Chlorine too.

There are different types and strengths of Bleach

many of which contain other ingredients as well

making it hard to offer a universal answer

so i will take it in categories of personal experience.


Another consideration in regards to those questions above is

do they refer to Bleach/Chlorine used on Clothing, Bedding

Items and Surface Areas –  or used on the Body.

I will answer about the use on the Body first:


At The Pool

For more than a decade, while on Antibiotics –

– Malassezia undiagnosed and any problems assumed as side effects-

 i used to swim daily -until my recent health setback-

 at our Local Public Heated Chlorinated Pool.


Soaking in it for one hour every day did Absolutely NOTHING

to  either eliminate or reduce the effects of Malassezia

in fact the Opposite- as it had a detrimental effect on the skin

drying and killing off any sensitive friendly Flora!


In the Bath Tab

In the beginning while i was in the dark, desperate beyond belief

and following uninformed forum advise and solutions

i added it for several months in my Bath.


Again, it did nothing — and again— bad for the sensitive Friendly Flora

and the dried tortured skin.


In both cases above, the Bleach although in relatively high concentration

and practically un-washable off the skin – smell and all- it was:

a) Diluted!… and

b) Malassezia  was protected under the skin layer and with plenty of time

to Retreat quickly into and inside Internal Private areas(!) Anal / Vagina

(or Penis for men) –   where Chlorine / Bleach could not reach.


Recently even Salted/Chlorinated Pool water had the same effect as above

initially mistaken effective until the upsetting discovery of the Relocation!


On Clothes

Repeated experiences of night perspiration and pyjama/underwear

-see ‘Malassezia and Perspiration’ in *Malassezia Blog*-

stained with either gray, looking like mould or orange, looking like rust

i had to soak them  in water with Bleach/ Chlorine + Laundry Powder

for near a week without any success of clearing the stains and assuming

that Malassezia –and more resilient Spores?– were presumably dead.


Other Detectable Areas

In a Previous Entry – see ‘Humidity’ – i have described how Malassezia

collected in a plastic container placed under the Urn meant to catch water

forming a wide rim layer and continued growing despite frequent emptying

and rinsing the container.


          ( Before the Bleach)

 Malassezia build-up


Then in a 2 cm depth of water i added about 1/4 cup  heavy duty Bleach 

as in Chlorine plus Sodium Hydro-long names – Lol! and let it stand

                        for approximately 1/2 hour.


Below is  the same container –still containing the same small amount of water

plus the Bleach – – – –  minus the Rim… or its Bright Colour!….


I am inclined to believe Malassezia Dead… or just … turned White?… Lol!


                                            (After the Bleach)

Malassezia and Bleach 1

             Malassezia and Bleach 2


So in regards to the Question if Bleach Kills Malassezia, i would say

it all depends on where/ how and how much of Bleach is used.

  Considering that Malassezia

a)  Is practically Everywhere

b)  Is Produced Internally as well

b) Can complete its Cycle Internally

     as well as externally


Chasing it with Toxic Chemicals it is like a Dog chasing its Tail

                        And Harmful to the Body as well…

Applying on Cothes or External -non Body areas-  as long as they are

   rinsed thoroughly, may get rid some quantity but only temporarily…

        Malassezia not Topical


  Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

        Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Readers Questions Answered
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 






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Malassezia Human :)

                            *MALASSEZIA AND HUMOUR*

Malassezia Humour



Malassezia Human

* malassezia human *

                               I did not know there are Malassezia Humans!

                               Never seen one … other than … myself in the Mirror?…


                               I wonder if they look like the picture above 

                               because this is how i believe i have looked in the past

                               and sometimes even now, each time i discovered  

                               the nasty tell-tales of a Malassezia attack!


                               Unless perhaps there is a Mutation of Malassezia 

                               as a result of Human Blood, Hormones and other Elements

                               of our bodies the Beast uses for its multiplication

                               that of course could look like this, no doubt!…


                               Hopefully Medicos will stop ignoring and downplaying

                               the problem and giving us the “Delusional  Parasitosis” scripts

                               sometime soon, before most of our species including themselves 

                               and loved ones, start to look like this…


                             A confession to make

                             One of the Dermatologists i visited some time back

                             i thought had already started looking a bit like that 

                             (Proof Malassezia can be contagious and they cannot

                                                         ignore it forever…)


For more Info and Details on Treatments and Methods see:

                                     *Malassezia Blog


          * See List of Entries – On Right Side Menu

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Malassezia Lethal :)



Malassezia Humour

                     (READERS FUNNY SEARCH KEYWORDS)


Malassezia Lethal


*minimum lethal dose Sonata *


                                Well…i don’t know how to  take this…

                                I had never considered or known having a lethal side to me

                                but obviously some Reader must  believe i do!…


     Joke aside, if i am guessing correctly, i believe this search

                                was about the Entry *Lethal Strategies – of the Past*

                                in my *Malassezia Blog* in which i mention a safer way

                                to apply a method for controlling Malassezia on the Scalp

                                without serious side effects


                                (For details Visit  )


                               * See List of Entries – On Right Side Menu *


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