Malassezia: Which? … Where?… and …The Invisible!

 Warning MD



          Malassezia at Home Malassezia in Lab




  * Malassezia: Which? … Where?… and …The Invisible! *


          The Condition of Malassezia Symptoms is Referred to 

      as ‘Pityrosporum Folliculitis’ – ‘Seborrheic Dermatitis’ etc

        Although the Dermatologists prefer to call it…

Deception MD

            ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ or ‘Parasitophobia’

                as well as other Disguised variations

              carrying the same ‘hint’ as the above… 

              which Translates to: ‘Its All in your Mind’ 


        Fortunately the Medical Researchers have advanced past 

   this fixated and highly embarrassing for the Profession ignorance

 providing evidence that it Is actually a ‘Creature’ after all

   and … Materialises … on the Body –  and Not the Mind!


 Tongue in Cheek aside… there is still a little hindering problem …

                       How Much of the Body

          … is actually considered as ‘existing’ and as part

            of the field to be examined  by those Researching

the Relationship of Body and Manifestation of Malassezia Symptoms.

                                        For example

         This appears to be a mighty good effort but does it go far enough?

M Distribution on sites     

(Click on Photo to enlarge)                                                                    

Let’s See:

Chest, Mid line Back, Scalp, Ear, Upper Back, Upper Thigh and Cheeks (= 7)

Which ones could be the 13 other sites missing mention in the list above?


If i were to guess the most probable sites been checked i would add:

Forehead?- Eyelashes?- Nose?- Neck?- Arms?-Fingers?

Finger Nails?-Chest?- Belly?- Legs?-Feet?-Toes?-Toe nails? (=13+7=20)


        It would be interesting to know the sites examined

            rather than trying guessing them


           Even if these sites were added to the List above

                               it would still leave out

                    Hair? Nostrils? Lips? Buttocks?-Legs?

                   Feet upper/heels/sole?-Toes-Toe Nails?

  Some of these may be among the ones checked instead of my suggested

              but it nevertheless leaves out many sites unchecked


     And what about….


Vaginosaurus?-Analosaurus?- Penis-PurpleoSporum? and IntestinoSporum?

        Are these … the Invisible  ‘Dinosaurs’ in the Research Room?

considering that the same Symptoms are also afflicting the ‘unmentionable’ parts

of our bodies where the same Rich Follicular environment is naturally provided

and even Richer in many other respects in the Intestinal Canal – and manifesting

on the outside as Itchy, Burning, Purple Bumps, Lesions, Paper Cut lines? etc.  


 I have not come across any research yet mentioning these areas at all.

All the ones i have read refer to manifestation of Malassezia symptoms

i.e ‘Pityrosporum Folliculitis’/‘Seborrheic Dermatitis’/Tinea Versicolour, etc.

        usually Concentrating on the Upper part of the Body

      as if the Lower does not exist or it is off limits…


I wonder if adequate research has been done on samples from these vital sites

from where Malassezia Emerges, Returns to, and habitually and stubbornly

Settles and Clings on in the Surrounding areas, especially the closest ones

such as the Vulva, Anus and Inner Richly Follicular Buttocks

as if for its Dear Life … and Inevitably its Evil Purposes… because

                           Its Persistent Clinging there 

                         Is Not Haphazard or Accidental

           but a Strong Instinctual Urge and Directive

                            despite these areas often Rendered 

                            by different Treatment applications 

       Inhospitable to its Survival and Completion of Cycle.


               Hopefully one day the Penny may drop and Prompt  

             ‘The Research  Field’  to turn the Light of its Attention 

    on these most important yet -apparently so far- neglected areas.

                 In the mean time I will keep searching and hoping

                                        and who knows

   ‘Knock and Thy Shall Find’   may prove true …if i am still around…


                     Well… well!… what do you know…Lol!…

It seems my hopes and prayers were answered faster than i had anticipated 🙂

Some time back when i had Googled Malassezia and Vaginal  Penis problems

       i had only found a relevant Link where the document concluded

           that samples from the Penis did not contain any Malassezia

         and the Vaginal one turned out referring to Candida Yeasts. 


No Malassezia on Penis? …“Yeah?… on what Planet?”…

Subsequent ones did not yield any better result in either Male or Female areas

                      and as for Malassezia and Intestines…

                    most of the links lead to my Own Blogs

              of which the contents and findings i knew well

                    but wanted to find out any Lab ones….


 Perhaps it had more to do with my developing Searching Keyword skills 

         that did not lead me to the right links but i shall never know.


 So just before clicking ‘Publish’ -this Entry- a little wise voice inside my head


 ‘Why don’t you try Googling’ Malassezia and Penis /Vagina’ one more time 

      just in case there is something more recent – so i Did and Voila!… 

M Yeast on Penis

Malassezia in the Vagina area is described in one site as ‘Superficial Infection’

                              Superficial??? … i Wish!…. 

Mind you nothing much more than that in regards to links and findings

-Could be my Googling skills again, Lol!- but at least it appears

                  the Body areas  have been Discovered

        and some of the ‘Dinosaurs’ are becoming Visible!


Reading the article above about the abundance of not just Malassezia Species

       but the many other types of Yeasts in Both V and P areas,

  it makes me think my referral -at times of high frustration and strain-

of my V being the ‘Cauldron of Hell’ may have sounded rude to some

but now i think the name can be well-deserved – when things go wrong.

   As for the P i have just lost my innocent regard of it and inclined

to see it as a Potential ‘Lethal Weapon’ … as much as its… Sister V.                                 

A quick read of the complete article above can be adequately convincing.

The Reality is they are All Part of our Bodies and all is well and perhaps

there is some purpose to their presence as long as things run smoothly…

                     After all. the Naming is not important

as much as Discovering and Establishing  the areas of  Affliction

  and Available Solutions to when/where they become a Problem.


                                  So where to from here?… 

Treatment Goal

I absolutely agree with this statement – Yeasts may have some Purpose

but I can say that for me it is too late and near impossible to achieve

   Complete Normal Balance  due to my Multiple Health Problems

that thwart and inhibit the best possible approaches to arrive there

    but a Younger or a Healthier person without a serious Illness

                       i believe there is a good possibility

–IF willing to sacrifice a lot and implement a Healthier life style

and pursue a Strict Maintenance regiment – as described in my Entries 

  Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT1)

there is more than a good chance – fragile and temporary as it might be

 to Revert to a Normal or near Normal Level and Balance of Presence





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Malassezia in the Kidneys and Transverse Colon




          Malassezia at Home




     * Malassezia in the Kidneys and Transverse Colon *


 Back in October, Beautiful Spring time here

  it had been over a year since my collapse

     during a short trip to our Local Beach

     that rendered me housebound since.


Wanting to give it one more chance, just in case it might still be 

possible to enjoy it again, even for a short time, we arranged

a family meeting as also a chance to enjoy my grandchildren

     Unfortunately, this little outing nearly killed me…


   I collapsed again and brought back home urgently

 and started to froth in the mouth and vomiting violently 

 though there was nothing left in my stomach

of the light fruity breakfast i had before leaving.

   I was so dizzy i could not keep my eyes open for two days.


  I was unable to eat anything for the rest of the day

         and near impossible to drink any water.

For the following three days, i could not eat more

than a tiny fruit amount once a day,  so I had an idea

to start the day with a 1/2 freshly squeezed Orange juice

   diluted in a cup of hot water to avoid dehydration

and to flash the Kidneys – i still do so!- and hopefully restart

  the Peristaltic and bring an End to the ‘Shut down’


My man had to take a full week off work to look after me.

I thought that was the last of me and i would never recover

but as usually, once more i pulled through within a week.


  Now to how all this Relates to Malassezia:

Prior to this episode, for nearly 4-5 months i had developed

 some constant unexplained Hot Charcoal Nail-like Pains

               in Both Kidneys

  Malassezia in Kidneys

     (Red Circles indicate relevant Extend)

And in Two areas in the Transverse Colon.  

         Malassezia in Transvesre

   (Yellow Circles Indicate the Areas)


I had a sneaky suspicion -if not certainty- that Malassezia

had Invaded Both areas because there was no other cause

  i could think of justifying these particular Burning pains.


 Lung Bleeding going down through the digestive system

  and having to be processed by the Kidneys do cause me pain

   reduced fluid clearance and urine output

      to only a few trickling drops at a time

 but it all ceases within 4-5 days after bleeding stops

  -depending on the blood volume been processed.

 This affects only the Kidneys and never the Colon.


   So the constant pains had Nothing to do with any

   intermittent bleeding occurring during those 4-5 months .


Enemas  had not helped, just Fruit Juice Days had not helped

Vitamin C powder had not helped and the finger was pointing

    more and more to the suspicion that the Devil 

had created an Opportunistic Breeding Neighbourhood

                    in a Rich Nutrient area.

Due to the Internal Inflammation caused by its Presence

and Digging-in, it naturally attracted more and more

and thus the continuation of over Four months of Burning Pains.

Certainty of course can only Derive from hard Proof

and this i did not know if it was even possible to obtain… 


Eliminating all possible causes of pain in the afflicted areas

from all known from previous occasions

as well as ‘unlikely coincidental ones’

 can only result in certainty by proxy

and this may be good enough if one is looking for healing

  but not good enough for research purposes,

     so I had considered this case as one

    i would never be able to know for sure.


Right after the Beach Incident, a couple of Noticeable events followed:

1) Burning Pains in Both areas Disappeared

    during the Second and Third Recovering Day

2) There was a Potent Putrid ‘Dying Off’ Odour in the Faeces

    for  2-3 days following the Burning Pains abrupt termination.

3) Malassezia Ceased All Activity to just barely been there

    as it usually does when something major happens in my Body

4) There were No Shivers that Usually follow an Outbreak.


Considering i had hardly been able to eat or drink during that time

   and no chance of any change being made in any area

      other than my Body Shutting Down All Processing 

and Rejecting any Food or Fluid, it strongly leads me to believe

the over Four Months Burning Pains in the Kidney/Colon areas 

     were Not due to any Organ Dysfunction or Infection

that would have caused additional recognisable symptoms

          such as Pus/Blood in Urine or Stools etc.


Something was Purged or Perished with the Shut Down

and one could speculate a highly unlikely ‘coincidental’ cause

but to me it points clearly to the most obvious and most likely

of Malassezia’s presence as it is the one that causes the same

Burning Pain wherever it settles, from any External Skin areas

to internal, such as Vaginal walls, Urethra, or Anal/Rectal area, etc…


I have had No Recurrent problem so far

which again excludes Area/Organ causes

          or External such as Diet

-still the same, simple and impossible to cause any irritation-

or of any accumulation of internal congestion etc.


Due to the possibility included in the unlikely coincidental

of a multitude of other types of parasites been the cause

i again cannot be 100 % sure but only as close as logically

           the events and indications can allow.

What also strengthens my Belief that it was Malassezia

and not some other causes, is that whenever i have endured

Vaginal attacks and had it chased, it had invariably moved up

through the Cervix to the Uterus and into the Ovaries 

 Malassezia in Vagina 1

where it has caused the exact same Burning Pains

 lasting for several weeks and eventually dying off…


It has taken many Months of Consistent Acidophilus applications

three times daily to eventually bar it -even if partially- from occupying

these inaccessible areas and this is the reason i have mentioned

   in several of my Entries that Malassezia is Capable

of Completing its Cycle either Internally or Externally if it is forced.


Due to this fact, the Reason/s of the ‘Ins and Outs’ traffic 

as part of its Cycle, still eludes me and i keep Guessing 

and Speculating about a possible need -similar to plants-

Light Synthesis exposure in order to progress from the Yeast

to the Hyphae development and its outer cell formation  

and hoping that one day, some piece of Research Info

or Personal Discovery will Lead me to the Right Conclusion.






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