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Malassezia: Diary Photos of Innocent Times (PT1)


   * (Pre Malassezia) – Diary  *

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      * Photos of Innocent Times Entries *

      Malassezia Diary MD


  * In the Beginning … It was Not!…  *


     PART 1    

      Scabies War  

According to the Blogger Statistics Records I created my First Blog

sometime in May 2009 under the Alias ‘Sonatas Story’

The story though had really started somewhere middle February

but there were Neither a Diary nor any Entries of any sort

because i believed i had caught Fleas at the Local Pool

from the School kids – being hot during that time of year-

and was sure i could get rid of them within a couple of days.


As the case got progressively worse and utterly mystifying

forcing me into complex … ‘creative solutions’

and need to record progress – while still retaining an optimistic outlook

i judged a little Book would be good enough for recording it all

innocently thinking  ‘It will do! … won’t be for long anyway…’


Here is the Little Book, up and until something Bigger was needed!


These Entries have never been Published before

and i intend to present them ‘Raw’ and unmodified

exactly as they were entered at the time just for my own view

but the Readers can gain some insight and have Fun too 🙂


They are the proverbial ‘Photos Worth a Thousand Words’

in showing the stages of Innocent Ignorance,

Plunging form Optimism to Utter Despair, Frustration,

Temporary Disillusionment and often Explosive Anger

in Alternating Rounds in the Mercy of Unfolding Circumstances.

                         Why am i doing So?…

Because i believe it will help Illustrate the Lengths gone through,

the Emotional Roller-Coasters and Instil some Hope into any Souls

that might be Fighting -or worse- Sinking into Depths of Despair …


          I will Skip any Boring Repetitive Pages

or take Photos of some ‘Interesting’ Parts in a Page

    So here it goes!

* * *


                     No!… they are not Lice


                  … they must be Scabies!…


Scabies War MD


A Sample of initial Natural ‘Home-made Remedies’

Scabies War1MD  

You are Allowed to Laugh Out… Loud! 🙂

           I Laugh too seeing it but i really want to cry.

   Surprisingly the Rice one worked!

     It Sealed Dry the area and whatever lurking there

      met its untimely destiny but was messy, hard to wash off

      and like anything else … to this day … more kept coming…


   Morning … Noon …. Night….

Scabies War2MD

*Please don’t take notice of any… ‘Mifspellinfs’… i was a desperate girl!

( Click on any Photo to enlarge )


       Applied Eucalyptus OIL … did I Say??? 

  And… Applied some More …. Did I?…

  and Again and Again?… Hit with hammer

Scabies War3MD

  ( If Only I had known back then!… 😦 )


   Hell’s Rotating Wheel…

By that stage i had Noticed a 3-4 1/2 day Operation Cycle of the ‘Creature’

and on Left side of Diary attempting to guess and record the ‘where’ in it 

and the level of its activity during Morning, Noon, Evening, Night.

On the far Right Abbreviated Ingredients and Treatments used.

And in the Glorious Middle the Horrors of Cyclical Manifestations

with a Bit – or a Lot of – Hope, Frustration, Desperation …  

      or -to quote the titles of a series i have never watched- of

        downright…   ‘Murder She Wrote!’ …

       expressed in Indelicate language … ‘For Her Eyes Only’ 

Scabies War4-1MD

Of Note: The word ‘Relocation’ was starting to dawn

Scabies War4-3MD

                          “I may have Dislodged them from my Ear”

                                  How Very Intuitive… of me!

                       The word ‘Relocation’ was starting to dawn

                          but took a long, long time to truly sink in

and its practical implications.


Tormented Sleepless Nights and Feverish Activity

     Scabies War4-4MD

      I had given names to what i now know 

as stages of development of the same creature.

  Runners, Crawlers, Diggers, etc…


The Enforced Sweat and Heat Treatment

Scabies War4-5

 I have described in detail the Sweat and Heat treatments

     in the *Malassezia Blog* entry “Lethal strategies of the Past 


    Morning – Noon – Evening – Night

Scabies War4-2MD

Actually ‘Bloody Hell Day 1’ is really Day 3 or 4.

Day 1 is now discovered and established as the Quiet one

counting the Blessing of the Temporary Lull

as well as the ticking hours to stages Day 2 – Day 3 … etc


   Deceptive Thrills!…

Scabies War5MD

Did it Really???… Why don’t we wait until Evening, hey?…

Scabies War5-1MD

  Would that be the now Known Re-inviting effect of the emollients

   in the Scabiecide, combined with the Day 2-3 hell braking loose? …


    Some Light at the end of the Tunnel???

Scabies War5-2MD

                      … Or Simply a Mirage in an Endless Desert?


(PART 2 to Follow…)






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