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Malassezia: Treatment- Relocation – Attack -DM


Re-Blogged due to additional Info:


10 Nov 13

    Treating Malassezia MD

After a three week experimentation following recovery

  after the Attack

                        Using the H&S Shampoo only

 it appears that where Malassezia would have otherwise

 existed uneventfully –without any detrimental effects– on my body

 the Shampoo caused it to Relocate – as suspected originally 

and verified by the experiment-  while it Flourished with the aid

of the Other (different brand Probiotic double strength)

                        (As Detailed in Entry Below)



Experiment Details See: 

Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning




Malassezia Maintenance

Malassezia: Treatment – Relocation and  Attack


   Except for times experiencing a major health set back

   such as Fractured Ribs or serious Lung Bleeding

   and cannot keep up with my daily Preventative routine

              i usually deal with only short, minor Malassezia incidents.


              So I was  shocked and surprised to disbelief

           to discover a sudden double attack to a magnitude

              similar to those experiencing four years back

                      – on two areas simultaneously:


“Eyelash Beds” and “Under Breast area”


    I woke up Burning in Hellish Fire and Itch

  as if during the night i had fallen through a dark shaft

              into the nightmare i had lived some Four years back.


This is what was done to the skin under my Breast while asleep 

Malassezia Breast Burn 1

   Waking up Burning and Itching like the Fire of Hell!


                I have no Photo of the Eyelashes at the Initial state

                   as i was too distressed to think about doing so

                   but i can say without the slightest exaggeration

                  my eyes looked like I had been crying for hours

              and there was  a thick mucousy layer blurring my vision

                      like a sheet of plastic or as if putting

                 someone else’ s prescription glasses on

                      making it impossible to see clearly.

                       Additionally, my entire right eyelid

     kept flattering every few minutes like a severe nervous tick.


   No doubt I got working immediately with great success

          in relieving and improving the condition on both areas

                       but this is Not the Point of this story!


The Point is a Question:

    What Caused this Sudden

                  -apparently unwarranted unprecedented- attack

                        all of a sudden and of such magnitude

                            i had not experienced for ages?”

            My diet and meals have been steady for quite some time

                         due to high nutritional health requirements 

     as well as part of research/observation conducting an experiment.

      Only light changes are always Fresh Natural Fruits or Vegetables

                             on a new fortnight’s shopping day.


Here is an example of Breakfast and Dinner

      Healthy Meals 1 MD


  No contact or handling any clothing or other items in storage

  or areas of any possibility of contamination or re-infection.


 No Lung bleeding nor any other noticeable health misalignment

           other than the known usual condition.


    So, what was New?


Usually when i plan a calculated introduction of something new

i deal with one item at a time giving it 3-4 days or a week

    so that i can observe the effects, positive or negative

      – if there are any – without any doubt or confusion.


                           Somehow this time i failed to do so

                        as i did not consider the New as “New”

                but as Old and Tested already – of Both new Items!…


After i had Treated and Cleared my Scalp Beautifully with Acidophilus

i had started to noticing a gradual Re-location of yeast to the internal

and external genital areas – so i decided to have a break in the daily

Scalp treatment but after stopping Acidophilus the result was a slow return

and re-accumulation back on the scalp, so i decided to temporarily

add another variation of Zinc Pyrithione ‘Head and Shoulders’ Shampoo

 to stave it off  until i could recommence the Acidophilus treatment anew.


This is the addition to the Regular one.

Malassezia and Shampoo

‘Smooth and Pink’ is the Regular and the ‘Men’ s is the Addition


The second addition was a different brand of Acidophilus capsules

with a higher Strength and variation of Lacto-Bifidus Bacteria


    I started both on the same day and continued for three days

                   until i woke up to the above Horror!


I revisited the  Chemist’s website where i purchase the Acidophilus capsules

to check once more whether i had missed any unsuitable listed ingredients  

and was lucky to stumble upon this very helpful piece of information

posted as a disclaimer for a different Acidophilus Brand and list of ingredients.


Saccharomyces Bouldari P.

                              (Click on Image to Enlarge)

    So now I am not sure which One -if any- or Both Products introduced

                             may have caused this Ugly Result.


Trying to guess and piece it together there are a number of possibilities

             but i will only mention the ones i consider more likely 

                                until i am better able to verify.


I have mentioned in previous entries that if Malassezia is treated

with something that affects it but does not kill it on impact

                         it Relocates to a different area


                                                       So …


                                                Possibility 1:

       Malassezia -whatever was able and in a mobile stage- responded

                   to the New shampoo with massive Relocation 

                       down to the Eyes and Eyelashes areas.

    The fact that Both eyes were affected Simultaneously and so Strongly

           strengthens the conviction of my interpretation being Correct.


                                              Possibility 2:

       The New Acidophilus Capsules contain some Ingredient/s not listed

               -such as Sugar meant to feed the Acidophilus bacteria-

                  which also fed the Yeast crazy and Stronger

                         and i have to Thank my Lucky-Lucky  Luck

           it lodged under my breast that i can reach and treat easily

                        instead of my Privates internal or external.


The capsules in the two brands I have been using regularly

contain Inulin, a plant sugar that feeds Both good

as well as some bad bacteria and No doubt Yeasts as well….

but without any noticeable adverse consequences 

deterring and improving the condition

rather than reinforcing Malassezia presence

as the new Brand seems to have done

– If it was the capsules and not the shampoo. 


                   Incidentally, while on the new ones

i had a 3 day blinding nauseating migraine of much greater intensity

than the brief ones i usually get with my regular brands (as shown below).


    Malassezia Probiotics


This migraine presence also indicates to me

the above interpretation is correct

but this one i will simply not re-test as it proved too bad

and i am not prepared to take the risk.

I intend though to retest the Shampoo on its own

once i have completely healed the affected areas. 


So to put the picture in perspective, what i believe took place, was:

The Shampoo caused massive Yeast Relocation

and the New Probiotic Capsule Contents

Fed it Strong and it Span into a Frenzy! 

It will take a while now to perfectly clear both areas.

                                The Eyelash beds

         because the Yeast is embedded deep inside the follicles.

I can tell this because when i stretch the eyelids

i can see the yellow/white line  from where  its evil spawn 

 will be springing outwards for a few weeks.

    I may have to resort to more drastic measures like in the past

                              using Methylated Spirits. 


Here is how they look now

Malassezia on Eylashes 1 MD

Malassezia on Eylashes 2 MD


                               And the Breast area

because the skin is practically burned and while still inflamed

  it will be highly inviting to more trying to settle in.

 I try to minimise with treatment of alternating Seawater,

YAM mixture and Acidophilus Capsule diluted in a little water.


   The Eyelashes i have been treating with Fresh Aloe Vera plant Gel

the true Plant from my veranda Pots – Not any Commercial gels in tube.


So now Malassezia has been largely avoiding the treated Breast area

      and has re-located a bit further up in the right underarm area.

        No lesions or visible redness there just itching at intervals

              so i am treating it with Seawater as well , lol!

                and so we go round and round the mill…


            Relocation is a word that keeps coming up a lot

and is mainly connected with any treatment affecting the Yeast 

                   – whether Natural or Chemical –

but also when it eventually renders an area inhospitable to its needs

                due to the damage it has caused it…


 Malassezia Survival MD






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Malassezia Everywhere… – H & QA




       Malassezia Humour


        The FUNNY and the SERIOUS SIDE


                          The FUNNY


  * malassezia everywhere *

   Malasseia Itch

     Sounds Cuckoo ? … Certainly does…

     A warped mind’s insane perception? … 

     For sure a Challenging Puzzle

            for any normal mind.


* laundry with demodex *

Malassezia and Washing

                       No Thanks!…

  Just washing Powder will do for me…


*malassezia yeast moisturizer*

Malassezia Moisturizer mock

             Is it a New product made of 

     Fresh … Malassezia Fungus? Lol!


    * malassezia yeast scalp tablets *

       Malassezia Itchy scalp

     Scalp Tablets made with Malassezia?

     Are they Complimentary to the Moisturiser?




*malassezia everywhere*

Malassezia Presence and Behaviour can certainly challenge

any Normal Rational mind to its Stretch

and drive one to despair and doubt their own sanity.

I know this stage and despite my much better current condition

there are still times i find myself revisiting the doubt

not so much of Malassezia’ s existence internally or externally

but of the extend of its pervasive evil presence

and resulting symptoms that cannot be verified beyond doubt.

(Some medical /research sites use the term ‘Ubiquitous‘ i.e Universal,

   Widespread, Pervasive, Omnipresent etc – and No doubt So it Is!)


* laundry with demodex*

I am guessing here that the Reader is suffering either a Demodex

or Malassezia affliction and wondering how to go about with Laundry

i.e, what to use, what to wash, what can get rid of ‘it’, etc.


First i must clarify that not dealing with Demodex, 

although symptoms and behaviour according to research are similar

i cannot consider as having observed enough about Demodex

to know and reply with any certainty.


If on the other hand the Reader has not been medically identified

as having Demodicosis and is possibly troubled by Malassezia

and suspecting so but not knowing for sure … here i believe 

i might help …  with not so pleasantly helpful or hopeful info!…


Ordinary washing does Not kill the Malassezia beast..

I don’t think hot water is lethally hot

– not sure about the Drier either

Have tried Both to insanity but nothing made a dint.


The Problem is not the Clothes, Bedding etc

even though Malassezia can survive on them for some time

and possibly contribute to partial re-contamination. 


Soaking any suitable items  prior to washing

into high concentration Bleach and left for sometime

might do the job but then what? … and for how long?


Even if it worked it would not be the end of the Problem!….                                            

              * malassezia yeast moisturizer*

I don’t know if the Reader was looking for a moisturiser

that would  provide relief to Malassezia’s symptoms 

or a Lotion that could possibly  kill Malassezia.


Whatever the case, most moisturisers, if not All, contain oils

emollients and other greasy items as well as some types of alcohol

such as acetyl or benzoates, etc – which may provide temporary relief

but cause a frenzied Malassezia return to a more favourable environment.  


* malassezia yeast scalp tablets*

I am not aware of any Scalp tablets – medicated or otherwise.

In the * Malassezia Blog * entries especially the one about

Scalp/ Hair Treatment, i mention Acidophilus Capsules.

They work! …  IF done properly and with consistently.


Malassezia Internal External. MDjpg





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Peroxide D



Malassezia Dictionary


Peroxide for Malassezia

In my Experience of Repeated Treatments on Different Areas

Hydrogen Peroxide Kills Malassezia Slowly but Effectively

when Applied Topically – Directly and Undiluted

to where there is Malassezia Presence and Activity

but – with Varying Degrees of Pain, Discomfort and Mess.


Used in the Bath tab – Bottles of it for Several Weeks 

have had Absolutely No Effect whatsoever


I cannot verify if it kills Malassezia at the Spore stage

as it is hard to tell generally where the spores are located

so i am talking about having used it on my Scalp

where they were sure to be, as i was losing my hair in clumps

but was unable to tell if it was effective

other than turning my hair …blond …


One of the reasons it was difficult to determine its effectiveness

on the scalp was that back then when i used the Peroxide

i had so much Malassezia traffic all Over my Entire Body

that anything killed in one area was replaced

 with a new Batch in a very short period of time

often within half hour or so.


Another reason was using it slightly Diluted for safety

and /or in Combination with Shampoo.


Areas i have Used it Topically with Successful

but Unforgettably Painful Messy Results: 



On Feet, Toes, Legs, Fingers and the inside of Hands.

(With Unforgettably Painful and or Messy Results)


Diluted with Water:

1- In the outer inside area of Ears

(Ending up almost Deaf and in great Pain for four weeks)


2- on Scalp

(Surprisingly without any Pain or other negative effects.

Possibly Malassezia still at an early mobile stage

relocated away from scalp area to Ears, Neck, Shoulders

escaping -temporarily or effectively- death

and so been spared the horrendous consequences?)


This i assume was because

a) At an early stage of development Malassezia is mobile

and can quickly move and relocate before HP kills it

without having released its corrosive substance

-while possibly surviving only temporarily- 

therefore No Pain nor Lesions.


At a later stage  where it has semi-solidified and is ready to dig in

into the skin,  by gradually releasing its corrosive substance,

it cannot relocate anymore, therefore taking the entire impact of HP

and as it dies its corrosive element is released all at once

creating Painful Erosion of the skin and resulting in Burst bubbles

and Lesions which take long time to heal. 


This of course i cannot validate scientifically,

just a personal assumption based on Repeated Patterns and Results

over a Four Year period and attempting to put the puzzle pieces together.


      Malassezia Peroxide 1 MD


For more Info and Details on Treatments and Methods see: 

 * Malassezia Blog *  


* See List of Entries – On Right Side Menu



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Malassezia Lethal :)



Malassezia Humour

                     (READERS FUNNY SEARCH KEYWORDS)


Malassezia Lethal


*minimum lethal dose Sonata *


                                Well…i don’t know how to  take this…

                                I had never considered or known having a lethal side to me

                                but obviously some Reader must  believe i do!…


     Joke aside, if i am guessing correctly, i believe this search

                                was about the Entry *Lethal Strategies – of the Past*

                                in my *Malassezia Blog* in which i mention a safer way

                                to apply a method for controlling Malassezia on the Scalp

                                without serious side effects


                                (For details Visit  )


                               * See List of Entries – On Right Side Menu *


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