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Malassezia and This or That or … Other – K–QA



    Malassezia Q & A s


Malassezia and This or That …


*K1 * malassezia aloe vera* 


Malassezia -Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a natural gel and as such it should attract Malassezia.

It does not appear to do so -as far i can tell- but neither repels it.

Malassezia responds to it – perhaps due to its contining alkaloids

                    but does not cause it to move away either.


           As the gel starts to dry though, it seems to inadvertently

              Kill Malassezia being trapped in it and drying with it.


             It turns very itchy for a while and then …  nothing …

           Once Aloe Vera has dried up new Malassezia batches

                 eventually return to the area but not as much

                  or as quick as with any other Oils and Gels.


                    Applied on Lesions initially it stings a bit

         but it is a good natural healer and inflammation soother.


      Due to its consistency it is best applied Only on open areas

                 where it can dry fast killing Malassezia along

                    while in enclosed or moist humid areas

                it can have uncertain or even inviting results.


     For this reason it is my less preferred option for most areas

          except for Eyelids,Eyelashes, outer Ears and Nose.


*Q1 *does aloe vera gel cure trich *

      Malassezia -Aloe vera juice

         I believe the Reader means a Commercial Gel in tube

     or it would be a lot of plant required to cover all hair and scalp.

        I had tried Aloe Vera Gel in tube and although it contained

  some alcohol type drying agents it did not prove to have any effect,

  other than a negative one of the alcohol attracting more  Malassezia.


         Would the fresh plant cure Trich?*


     NO!- – –  It could temporarily kill whatever dried up with the gel

  but given the hair and the large area it would leave a lot surviving.


     Even if it Did… Would it be the end? – Would it be a Cure?


If by ‘ Cure’ we mean either a once of – or a few repeated treatments

              that would fix the problem forever onwards, then 

  NO! … Nothing Topical can ‘ Cure” Malassezia but Temporarily.

* * *


  *Q2 * will a yogurt mask heal pityrosporum *

Malassezia yoghourt mask


         Repeated applications of a Yoghurt mask 

-depending on the extend and severity of the problem-

                      will Deter Malassezia settling on Scalp

                        Sooth Itching and Inflammation

                             and will Heal any Lesions

         but will not Kill Pityrosporum.


A YAM Mixture (Yog-Acidophilus capsule-Milk)

    may Deter Malassezia from settling in area

possibly even kill some but Not if in Spore stage

* * *

*K2* lemon juice against melassezie yeast *

*K3* apple cider for trich *


Malassezia -Lemon juice


                *Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar

                       were the first two items i used 

           when the problem broke out some four years back.


I used them repeatedly -both myself and my husband- and we both noticed

        that when Lemon juice was applied the ‘ Lice’ as we thought

              as we though we were trying to clear back then

              had Relocated down to our Shoulders and Back!

It was true, except it was not Lice which we did not know until a lot later…


Malassezia does not like Fresh Lemon when first applied on an area

but seems to love it when it dries out and so it is with Vinegar!

       Both of them seem to have the initial repelling effect

        followed by a stampede back once area dries out.


Considering that both are good Bread Dough /Leavening agents

it is not surprising that a similar Yeast family would like them too.

* * *


*K3* apple cider vinegar for malessizia *

*K4* apple cider vinegar Malassezia *

Malassezia - Cider Vinegar


It has been many years since i last consumed Apple Cider Vinegar

because it used to cause me kidney pains i have nowadays,

i m having nowadays, so i have not trialled it as an Internal treatment

against Malassezia but i dont think i need to!…. i know already…


I can imagine it going down a perfect brewing cauldron

of digestive Bacteria and Yeasts … and making their day!…

Beneficial i can imagine as digestion aid especially in breaking down fats?

    -not sure if a fact or fallacy as there are many- and most likely 

    helpful against some bad flora  – but not to a person already 

         – but not to a person already fighting Yeast trouble.

Its  a … Gut Feeling i have and i have learned to Trust it!

So, No, i do Not believe it would do any harm to Malassezia 

           if in fact it did not do it the world of good… 


I have though used it extensively on my skin and at times my head

    as a degreaser and hair lustre improving agent –pre and during

Malassezia times- and had found it good in all areas of expectation

    other than the Malassezia – due to the inviting after effect

                         as already mentioned above.

Its one positive against Malassezia is its degreaser quality

but ONLY IF there is a SEVERELY matted hair problem 

          and ONLY used ONCE for that Purpose

otherwise i would steer clear of it in Any area of the Body!

* * *


*Q3* does urine kill Malassezia *



   NO! It does Not!


 On the contrary, it Attracts both due to its Wetness bas well as its Acidity

    so it is imperative -and equally important for both men and women-

          that the genital area is thoroughly washed and dried

                  after each and every visit to the bathroom.

            A Painless Inconvenience against Painful Trouble…

* * *

 *K6* malasesia and vitamin c *

     Malassezia - Vitamin C -1


   Vitamin C -applied topically- appears to be Malassezia Friendly!

I had been inserting it in the Vagina with other ingredients for several weeks

running into months and had never suspected it was causing trouble

                                until i used it on its own.

Though Beneficial in so many ways,  areas and ailments under the Sun

it does not seem to make Any difference in Malassezia’s volumes or activity.


It appears to be Neutral in regards to Malassezia when taken Internally:  


I have been on very high dosages daily for many years due to my Lung illness

frequent bleeds and susceptibility to a host of secondary infections etc.

    I had also had to reduce considerably at times for short periods

           as well as -though most infrequently- stop completely 

         -depending on the circumstances demanding doing so-

but neither way has ever been an indication of any perceptible difference

in any way regarding Malassezia.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ***

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