* To All Sonata’s Malassezia Blog Visitors *


          * To All Sonata’s Malassezia Blog Visitors *

Malassezia Blogs - Sonata MD

                                  Malassezia WC -MD

        It has taken Four Years of Intense Research and Observations

                and the Past Ten Months so far (Aug 13 – May 14) 

           Adding, Preparing, and Sharing my Personal Experiences


       *Relevant Updates *New Discoveries and *Recent Photos.


            It only takes a Few Days for a Visitor to read through it all.

    ( Preferably Viewed on Big PC Screen, rather than iPhone or i Pad )


            If One is Prepared to Devote the Time and Effort Required

                       to Read through – in Sequential order

                     they will Derive Great Benefit and Insight

                    into the Unfolding Progress of this Journey

         and Better Understanding of the Whole Malassezia affair.


                    My Story is not important to the Reader.  

                       The Malassezia side of Story IS

                     into gaining Understanding and Insight

           of a Challenging Problem they may be Dealing with.


                          Due to Time and Effort Required

             I am unable to engage in Individual Correspondence

               The Best way to Answer any Questions – and More

                                  is by Visiting Both Sites 

              1) * Malassezia Blog *  and 2) Malassezia Daily *

                One dealing with history from start to recent times

               The Other Confirming and /or Updating past Topics

                                           and adding  

                    Recent Developments and Experiences

                          And New Discoveries and Photos


                If after doing so there are still remaining questions

                      on any specific issues not already covered

                    they will be placed in a Queue and addressed 

                                        in the sections of

                       ‘Keywords’  and   ‘Readers’ Qs and As’

                            in the * Malassezia Daily * Blog.


            Please Note:

                    I am NOT Qualified  To Make a Diagnosis

                            Nor Provide Personal Advice

                               All References are Based

                 On my Own Unfolding Personal Experiences


          Thanks MD


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  DC3 MD              


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