Malassezia ~ Another Accidental Discovery!

16 Aug


                 * UNDER THE MICROSCOPE *                    


                * Malassezia ~ Another Accidental Discovery! *



                          While looking at Photos in my Files

                            Suitable for the Previous Entry

                         Malassezia Furfur~ Yeast or Mycelia

I Found and enlarged the photo below in order to capture details

     and noticed something that had escaped my attention

      when preparing it for another Earlier Entry assignment


            The Photo below is of a Recent Faecal Sample

                showing the Presence of Yeast.

            What had escaped my attention previously

       was a long Green Hyphen – spread across the sample!

    Malassezia Faecal yeast and Hyphae 2 MD

          It is quite Similar to a Green Hyphen in the Eye

Malassezia Green Hyphae

The Green is one of the usually fluorescent Malassezia colours

but also possibly due to one of my recent ‘All Greens’ Diet Experiment.


   The next day while still thinking about the Green Colour

and how much could be attributed to Pityrialactone

 Malassezia and Pityriacitrin 2

and how much to my recent ‘All Greens’ Diet

there was a conveniently helpful memory flash

            of something long forgotten.

Some life time back, long before the A-TB illness

or having started any swimming or other exercise

except for frequent long walks for relaxation,

and when all was running fine, except of the occasional

Bladder Infection which never actually showed

in the Urine tests and could have been… irritation?

What kind of irritation? … i will not entered on to this.

So, i had gone to a GP – no established regular doctor

since my visits were only occasional and far in between.

I do not remember the reason/cause of the visit

but i remember two distinct points the Doc and I discussed:

1) The Urea Result

     was  below the Normal levels – on the Positive side

     and he told me he had never seen anything like that

     in his entire carrier and asked me about my diet

     (Tones of Fresh Fruits and Veggies as always).


2) At times – and at that Specific time of the Visit

    i used to get an Overall Orange Skin Hue.

    I used to Interpret it as Liver Distress due to

    anxiety, stress, worry, and all other micro-aliments

    or rather emotional responses to Life’s events

    that could produce and upset a Perfectionist Virgo.

    The Doc noticed it at the time and told him

    what i thought it was but he asked if i ate a lot of

    orange coloured fruits/vegies such as Carrots, Pawpaw.

    Carrots i did not,  but Pawpaw i did eat a lot.

     I was doubtful of his assessment but remained opened

     to the possibility and started to observe its periodic

     appearances and whether they coincided with

     any of the causes i attributed it – since i ate Pawpaw daily

     but the Hue was Not there Permanently.

     Observations proved me right …most of the time

     but there were those unexplained times that neither

     of the two cases could be considered as the contributor.


These days the same Hue is more Frequent and varies in scale

     between the Gray of Death as i have thought it

      believing at times that i have only days to live

             to Bright Orange i also used to attribute

    to Liver stress due to A -TB illness and medications

         to a Greenish Orange with some hint of Gray…

      which is of course unmistakable and has primarily

                           Only One Contributor!

     M CS- MD

     Her Evil Majesty!

    The Indications and Possibilities of all this, are

> The Yeast must have been Present but without any other

   accompanying symptoms attributable to it

  prior to either manifestation or knowledge of my Illness

  (up until the commencement of Antibiotics, X-rays etc)

> The Gray, unmistakable ‘end stage’ of its ‘amniotic’/Biofilm

                  dying and drying out.

>The Orange, definitely due to Pityrialactone

    with a slight possibility of partial contribution

    due to large intake of Yellow/Orange

    of Bananas, and Pawpaw

> The Green, again Pityrialactone

   with a slight possibility of partial contribution

   due to large intake of the ‘All Greens’ Diet.

     Malassezia Green Diet

                    The New Elements Coming to light

* The Gray was never detected as present or was not noticeable

* The Gray and the accompanying distinct Malassezia smell 

                became apparent only after the serious Outbreak

* The Green  other than as a mixed hue on the skin

    and also in the Samples and also in the Samples

    was also never detected until after several months

                            on the All Greens Diet.

* The Orange had been present on occasions of stress

   and detected way prior to establishment of Illness

   but without any other accompanying symptoms

   until after commencement of associated treatments.

* The Orange – back then- appeared to be

   more frequently associated with stress etc

   rather than the steady sizeable daily fruit consumption.


           Perhaps an indication that

> The Yeast tended to Proliferate

    During stress or Immunity taxing  times

    but checked back down  when normality returned

    therefore No Gray or Orange remained

    and was cleared off quickly.

> Orange or Green are Primarily prominent

a) By quantity of Yeast Presence

    and consequently amount of Pityrialactone

b) Possibility of some Food Ingredient Colour


                       For Details about  

  All Photos – the Green Colour and All Green Diet

               See Earlier Related Entries


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