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Malassezia~New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(9)




*Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT9) *


    *Malassezia Symptoms and Varied Appearances *

Malassezia Different Views MD





                       *Stage 1 – Spreading Cycle:


                          Generally All Over Body 

       – Transparent and Invisible (when in liquid stage)


                             Generally on the Body    

        – Gray (when mature and / or drying and dying)


            * Stage 2 – Maturing and Reproduction Cycle: 

        EarsCreamy Yellow – (creamy – mucous consistency)

       Eyes: Creamy Yellow – (creamy – mucous like consistency)

Scalp and Eyes/Eyelashes:  Microscopic White Gritty  granules

Hyphae stage: Creamy white – gritty, crystalline, dandruff like consistency

Hyphae Colours:  (as seen under Biological Microscope)

                              Bright Red (when freshly drawn Blood)

                              Maroon (when drawn Blood old)

                              Dark Gray (when dying and drying)

                              Light Gray (when fraying and disintegrating)

Center of Lesions: Creamy Yellow – (thick cheesy consistency)

On Wet or constantly Humid areas: Bright Orange 

            …may sometimes Flash itself Fluorescent Green!

On Clothing Light Yellow – to Bright Orange looking like Rust

                          and Dull greenish Mouldy decaying Gray 

                                 Recent Discoveries indicate

                               When Treated with Acidophilus

                               –  In Water

                               – In Mucous 

                     It sometimes Flashes Itself Fluorescent Green! 



* Transparent and Invisible 

* Orange or Green Fluorescent

* Creamy Yellow or Transparent

* White, Yellow or Creamy and Gritty



* Gray when Dried Out – Dead yet still Dangerous

   as containing Gritty grains – i.e potentially developing hyphae



(Causing Sensations on Body Parts)

* Eyelid Flatter 

Under Skin Spasms / Tremors / Twitching / Flattering

* Muscle Spasms / Contractions varying intensity / Twitching 

* Restless Leg Syndrome 

* Extremely Itchy Ears 

* Blurred thick glazed Vision

 * Rock like Eye Irritation 



(Causing Sensations on External Body Parts)

Symptoms of Malassezia – (Morgellons? – Demodex?) 

* Crawling Sensation

* Sand like Rolling on Skin

* Slithering in /out of Private areas

* Liquid oozing out of Privates

* Liquid Spreading on Body

* Spider like movement on Hair and / or hairy areas

* Pin Pricks

* Heat – Burn – Itch

* Shivers all-over of varying intensity and duration 



Symptoms of Malassezia – (Morgellons? – Demodex?) 

* Red or Burned like Skin

* Dry Flaky Skin

* Dry Chuffed Hands with small cuts

* Dry Cracked Heels

* Grayish/Tan Dry –hard to clean– layer on Skin

* Erythema with small Fluid filled Bubbles

* Lesions

* Razor blade like Cuts

* Paper Cut Scratch lines

* Dark Brown Spots

* Pus filled Follicles

* Gritty Dandruff

* Burning, Red, Itchy Scalp

* Matted tangled Hair

* Herpes like Lip Sores

* Pinhead size Red Spots

* Sticky glue like feeling on Skin areas



(Sensations and Effects Internally)



 Malassezia and Atypical TB

    Upper Middle Chest part:

*  A Feel  like a Severe Cold (*)

*  Erratic movement as of a ‘parasite’  (*)

*  Tightness, Burning, Tingling (*)


    Left – Right side along Lung length

* Tightness, Burning, Claw Raking like feel  (*)



Malassezia in Kidneys and Bladder

* Charcoal hot burning (*)

* Claw Raking like feel  (*)

  (Please Note symptoms such as:

– Sense of severe Swelling or Enlargement as if 10 times actual size

– Nail like Pain Piercing through

– Dull but Strong Pain and Radiating outwards

  Can Be Symptoms produced and connected

  to Other causes as well  – unrelated to Malassezia

            ( – as far as i know that is…)



Malassezia in Intestines

* General or Localised Charcoal hot Burning (*)

* Ulcerated and as if ‘Dug into’ or ‘Raked’ and outer pressure sensitive (*)

  (Sometimes after many Litres of Enemas, the following couple of days

   there is a “ Die Off ” – Strong Putrid Smell in the Faeces

   and a Retreat of Symptoms – but not always so

   depending – i believe – on the extend of wounded area and Malassezia hold) 

* Anal sense of Fullness or internal lower part Blockage 

  (Always relieved  immediately after a light quick enema)


Uterus and Ovaries

Malassezia in Vagina 1

* Charcoal hot burning (*)

* Ulcerated and as if ‘Dug into’ or ‘Raked’  (*)


* Intense, uncomfortable, internal ‘Prickly Heat’, 

   like Fire spreading on its wall and if too strong can cause Nausea 

* Charcoal hot burning

* Ulcerated and as if ‘Dug into’ or ‘Raked’

* Traces of Blood

* Orange or Grayish discharge  

  (Usually Blood and Orange/Grayish Discharge show on Cotton Wad Wipes)


Bladder and Urethra

Malassezia in Kidneys and Bladder

* Pressure and a Full Bladder feeling but normal or little water passing

* Pulsating Urethra (either due to irritation or Malassezia movement)

* Can closely resemble Bladder Infection from the frequent urge

  to the strong bearing down action without producing any fluid

  or if Malassezia settled along the wall and dug in, then small quantity

  of fluid with blood presence – but not quite the same as a Bladder Infection

  and easy to confirm because simple treatment  drives it out of the area quickly

  and symptoms totally cease –  (details in upcoming entries)

  ( I am not sure – and do not believe Malassezia actually attempts 

    to enter the Bladder as such -except in rare occasions- but rather tries

    to settle in the Urethra usually when trying to avoid treatment applied

   on the Privates areas, so it digs in to settle and avoid floating in Urine

   -which does it no harm-  and that causes ‘connective’ irritation to the Bladder.

   IF it actually Does reach as far as the Bladder  from there it can have

   direct access to the Kidneys via the Ureters leading to them

   – since it is Mobile and there is no Place it cannot go…) 



Symptoms marked with a Red Asterisk (*)

I have suspected as Malassezia connected for some time

but has been hard to verify and only recently come to confirm due to

an accidental -hopefully unrepeatable- incident that left me with no doubt.

Still though, they are Confirmations of Observations on my Own Body

and otherwise still hard to verify and may not apply to other people.


Symptoms marked with a Blue Asterisk (*) still remain hard to confirm

especially since Malassezia is not the only element attacking my Lungs.

I can say though that i recently harvested usual yellowish mucous turned

turned Fluorescent Green within a short time after expulsion from Lung.

I have some quick photos but intend to conduct more targeted experiments

and -keep fingers crossed- lucky to document with clear, good quality photos.


Symptoms Not marked have been already confirmed.


I intend to offer more details and photos where applicable and obtainable

in upcoming entries – but might take some time as i am inundated

with new discoveries  as if the heavens have opened up

and are showing me things i was not able to see or connect before

from many coalescing angles , and a job i can only do myself

and cannot  ask or allocate to anybody else.

So… while i keep waking up every morning and while i am still around

i keep typing, taking photos, collating, writing,  typing … thinking,

setting experiments, confirming, thinking more, observing

till night time when my eyes and brain give up for a few hours…

* * *  

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